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The Douglas County School District cares deeply about the privacy of our students. We are committed to ensuring that their data is protected in every instance, but especially when they are online.


Click-Through Contracts

Most people are familiar with click-through contracts. They usually pop up before you install a new application or online program.

DCSD does not currently require a signed Data Protection Addendum (DPA) for teacher-initiated (or "click-through") contracts, but teachers and staff are encouraged to read the End User Agreement or Privacy Policy on the app company's website to ensure the resource is safe for students to use.  

Here is some language to pay attention to in click-through contracts:

To make this process easier, the DCSD Information Technology department has created a list of recommended apps. These apps have been vetted to ensure they are in alignment with student data privacy best practices and in compliance with new Colorado Student Data Privacy (HB-1423) law.