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DCSD Rock Stars is a program created that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments and outstanding work of DCSD employees. Nominated by District leaders, managers, and peers, ‘Rock Stars’ are recognized in INSIGHTS, the DCSD employee newsletter, and receive a small gift from DCSD. 

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DCSD Employee Rock Stars: Summer 2022

Steven Mountfort, Emergency Medical Technician Instructor
Mr. Mountfort goes above and beyond the call of duty to support the students in his Emergency Medical Technician program. With a steady hand and gentle, but firm guidance he provides focus, incentive, and motivation to his students to help them develop a positive and optimistic vision for their future. He respects their differences and nurtures their spirit. He helps them see, and move toward actualizing their potential. Mr. Mountfort took the time and effort to get to know each of his students as unique individuals and to discover how each learns best so he could individualize his instruction to help his students achieve. He spent countless hours with each student, took initiative to uniquely encourage each student, and followed up to attend the graduation of each of his students after they completed his program.
Nominated by Samera Baird, Grandmother, and Retired Professor Emeritus, Auburn University

Hollie Blanchard, Shane Smith, Molly Wagner, Base Area Managers, Sage Canyon
Hollie, Shane, and Molly helped keep a BASE program staffed last month when a school only had one staff member. It often can feel strange for employees to go work at other sites. I appreciate the collaboration and consistency they provided to the students at the other school while maintaining that for their own school. Thank you all for helping out!!!
Nominated by Denise Nichols, Base Area Manager

Tim Musser & Vincent Archuletta, BASE Managers, Wildcat Mountain/Castle Rock
Tim & Vinnie helped a colleague and another program in need while preparing for their own summer. During the months leading up to summer, base managers have so much preparation around safety, and setting up fun and engaging activities for students and out-of-school experiences that promote strong social-emotional learning. When called upon Tim & Vinnie helped a school set up an equally great summer program for another site! Thank you both for going above & beyond!
Nominated by Denise Nichols, Base Area Manager

Tara Gonzales, Dietitian, Menu Support, Nutritional Services
Tara is an amazing person. She always is trying to find new products and recipes for our special diet kiddos. She is always willing to accept feedback and take it into consideration. Her passion to ensure we have good and quality food for Kiddos with special diets is remarkable. 
Nominated by Viviana Echegaray, Kitchen Manager STEM Primary/Nutritional Services

Lucie Perez, Area Manager, Nutritional Services
Lucie is an amazing human being. You always see her with a smile and willing to help everyone. She is always ready to teach and go the distance, which makes me feel good and have less stress at my job. She has helped and supported me beyond the job and for that, I will be forever grateful.  
Nominated by Viviana Echegaray, Kitchen Manager STEM Primary/Nutritional Services

Terrance Sessoms STEM Kitchen Manager
Terrance is an effective and willing administrator. He is creative and is a detail-oriented perfectionist. He is a great communicator and listener and he has excellent delegation and leadership skills. He has made a positive impact on the Kiddos at STEM and the Kitchen staff. He is always willing to help, provide feedback and teach. Thanks, Mr. T!
Nominated by Viviana Echegaray, STEM Primary Kitchen Manager

Donna Seekamp, Teacher, American Academy/Middle School
Donna is a fabulous teacher! She teaches with respect and knowledge, always giving examples so that the kids can relate to the lesson. She expects the best that students can give and gives her best to them as well. Her impact on our children will be missed. Donna teaches with passion and loves bringing her many years of knowledge and experience to every child. She includes the kids in her daily lessons by having them participate by reading from the BIG chair in her class. She makes kids laugh and wants every child to succeed to the best of their ability, always helping and caring for each child and acknowledging that their questions and thoughts are important!
Nominated by Laura McCleskey, Educational Assistant/SSS

Lois Scudder, Educational Assistant, Dual Diagnosis / Plum Creek Academy
Lois goes out of her way every week to make sure her team succeeds and is always set up for success. Even on the toughest days, she keeps a warm heart and kind energy for her peers and students. She deserves this award every week in my opinion.  It’s a blessing to work alongside her. Each week she gives positive feedback to staff and admin and constantly looks for ways to collaborate and better her team.
Nominated by Kyle McKinney, Educational Assistant / Plum Creek Academy

Jill Bull, Counselor
Jill's willingness to supervise me, a counseling student, at Adams State University shows her dedication to this profession and how important it is to her that we are properly trained and get experience. Her dedication to training future school counselors should be commended. Jill has gone above and beyond by taking on the responsibility to supervise and train a counseling student on top of all of her regular duties as a school counselor. Jill also facilitated a girl's group as well as facilitating mindfulness activities with students. The training and supervision Jill provided was above and beyond amazing.  
Nominated by Rachel Martinez, Intern, Cimarron Middle School, Counseling

Lisa Henkel, Moderate Needs Interventionist/SPED Department Chair, Legend High School/Special Education
Lisa works tirelessly to make our department run smoothly. Our team would not be where it is today without her leadership. Lisa is always available for advice or to just pick you up if you are having a bad day. She has made great improvements to our department and you can feel it in the atmosphere. She has listened to our team and implemented policies and procedures that have improved our department immensely.  
Nominated by Suzanne Schlut, IEP and Assessment Specialist/SPED Department

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