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Registration for kindergarten is now underway in Douglas County School District! School will start in August of 2020, but kindergarten classes fill quickly. To ensure your child has a seat in the classroom, register them today! 

Douglas County School District Kindergarten offers:
  • Structured, Rigorous, Play-Based Curriculum
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Authentic Learning Experiences
  • No Tuition -- Full-Day Kindergarten is Free!
  • Balanced Beginnings -- Staggered Transition to Build Stronger Teacher/Student Relationships and Ease the Transition into School

For questions about Kindergarten in Douglas County School District, contact your local school or call 303-387-9500.

Kindergarten Registration Requirements
  • Douglas County School District offers full-day kindergarten. If you are interested in half-day kindergarten, please check with your child’s school to see if it is offered.
  • Eligible children must be 5 years old by October 1 of the school year they will attend. 
  • Please check with your neighborhood school for their specific kindergarten registration requirements.
  • A registration packet can be downloaded from your school's website. To complete your child's registration, take their completed packet to the school. If you live in the Castle Rock Region, please follow the Central Enrollment procedures.
  • You will also need to provide the following at kindergarten registration:
    • Your child’s birth certificate
    • Immunization records for your child
    • Proof of residence. Examples include a Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Tax Notice, Lease Agreement, Assessor Page, or Notarized Letter from the person you are living with if you are living with someone and your name doesn't appear on the proof of residency (a copy of their Proof of Residency must also be provided at the time of enrollment).

Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I enrolled my child for kindergarten at a DCSD charter school?

If your child is signed up to attend a DCSD charter school, please check with that school directly to receive further information.

Will Half-Day Kindergarten still be offered in DCSD?

Families who wish to enroll their children in half-day kindergarten programs should check with the school to find out if half-day kindergarten will be offered. If it is not, you may open enroll to a different neighborhood school that is offering half-day programming. Your principal can help you find and determine the best option for your child. Every school will be determining the number of half-day classrooms based on their community needs.

What is the difference between Kindergarten Enrichment and Full Day Kindergarten?

Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) is offered through our Before and After School Enterprise (BASE) program, is staffed by BASE personnel, and is overseen by the District Coordinator of BASE. Tuition rates average between $18-$24 per day, and are set by schools. Parents may choose full or part-time schedules. Because KE qualifies as child care expense, these rates may be tax deductible.

Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) is part of the instructional day, is taught by a licensed teacher and is overseen by the building administrator.

How old can my child be to attend kindergarten?

Eligible children must be five years old as of October 1, 2020. Here is a great resource to help you determine if your child is ready for kindergarten.

Can I apply for a waiver for my child if his/her birthday misses October 1 date by just a few days?

There is no waiver process in DCSD for students who are not age five by October 1st for kindergarten. If children are advanced beyond the kindergarten level, once he/she is enrolled the following year, the school may consider using the Acceleration Process to advance a student to the next level. If you believe your child would qualify as a highly-advanced gifted learner, please refer to the process for "Early Access for Highly Advanced Gifted Children" on the Gifted and Talented page of our website.

Who makes the decision that a child cannot enter kindergarten prior to the entrance date?

The decision was voted on by the Douglas County School District Board of Education in November 2007 after recommendations made by the District Policy Council and is upheld by building principals and Directors of Schools.

Can I enroll my child in first grade if they are six by October 1 but did not attend kindergarten?

According to policy, a parent may make that choice; however, it is not recommended. Children would miss the foundation of learning in reading and math that prepares them for success in first grade. Students entering first grade in Douglas County School District are expected to be reading at a level 3 reading level. Without the pre-literacy and literacy skills, a student may begin school at a disadvantage.

How can I know if my child is ready for kindergarten?
  • In the same way that every child learns to walk at a different age, different children develop academic and social skills at different rates. 
  • We have linked a Kindergarten Readiness information sheet for your reference. (Versión en español aquí)
    • This is not a checklist, but a way for you reflect upon your child's strengths and growth areas as you prepare your child for Kindergarten. 
    • If your child has some of the skills listed in each area, your child's skills are in line with the expectations for kindergarten readiness.
    • If your child has not yet acquired many of the skills in each area, it may indicate that your child could benefit from more experience in a structured learning environment or exposure to similar-aged peers prior to embarking on kindergarten.
  • Douglas County School District Educators can partner with you in determining your child’s individual needs in order for them to have a successful school experience. 
  • Please contact your neighborhood school for registration information and assistance.
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