Family Coding Night at Sierra Middle School

Coding Night Brings Families Together
Posted on 12/12/2018


Connecting with your kids isn’t always easy. The generation gap can be especially noticeable with technology. What comes so intuitively for kids can often leave parents trying to keep up.

Debbie Blair, the technology co-teacher at Prairie Crossing, decided to do something to help parents and kids out. She helped start Family Coding Night - part of a national effort to emphasize coding in schools.

Parents from the entire Chaparral family came to Sierra Middle School to learn from those who know technology best - the kids in their family. “We’re the only feeder area in all of Douglas County putting together an event like this, so woo-hoo for us,” Blair told the assembled families at this year’s event.

“I wanted to give parents alongside next to their children the opportunity to have some of the same experiences that their children were having at school.” Those experiences included programming robots, experimenting with electronic circuitry, and learning coding. Families also learned how to study the coding curriculum at home.

Besides forming lasting connections, it’s a chance for both parents and kids to learn important skills. “Coding’s kind of like reading now,” said one parent. They’re skills that lay a foundation for any career - all while helping families understand technology together.