Portfolio Day Shines Light On Young Artists

Portfolio Day Gives Young Artists Opportunity To Shine
Posted on 02/22/2018


Molding a successful career can be a challenge. It’s especially tough when that career is through the lens of art. “I’d like to think I could, for the rest of my life, I could explore all parts of the world - capturing every moment every picture,” said Legend High School student Sydney Sladovnik.

Students gets critiqueOn February 9 the PACE Center hosted Portfolio Day for students like Sladovnik. It was an opportunity for critiques from working professional artists, and workshops. It culminates in the "Bright Futures" art exhibit - a showcase of selected work on display February 16-27.

Getting your artwork on display in a gallery is a big deal, but the longer-lasting benefit came in the advice the students received along the way. Art is not always thought of as a business, but it’s similar to many other lines of work. It’s a people business. Art Curator Rose Fredrick Teaches Class

People like PACE art curator Rose Fredrick offered wisdom gained through years of working in the field. “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” she told a class. “Keep making those connections because they do come back around.” Frederick also spoke to the importance of communicating well, having common courtesy, and simply showing up when you are expected to. “Your name will come up and they’ll say ‘Yes, let’s call her. She was really nice.’”

For students like Sladovnik struggling to balance a solid career with their passion for the arts it was an encouraging day. “The representative from the art institute pretty much told me not to limit myself. I can just do it all.”

If you would like to meet some of the up and coming artists from the district, there is an artist reception on February 22 from 5:30 - 7:00 at the PACE Center.