Student Enrollment Reports


Douglas County School District has experienced tremendous growth over the past three decades. When the District was first founded in 1958, there were only 1,137 students at a dozen schools. By 1970 enrollment had grown to 6,097 and held pretty steady for another decade, with 6,614 students reported in 1980.

The last three decades have seen amazing growth as Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Parker have grown significantly. Between 1980 and 1990 the student population more than doubled. Over the next ten years it would nearly triple in size, with 32,388 students reported in 2000.

Today there are about 67,000 students who go to school at our more than 80 schools.

Student Enrollment Reports for Douglas County School District
The story of DCSD's amazing growth, both in student population and facilities, is told through the Planning and Construction department's archive of Student Enrollment Reports, which are archived below: