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Year's End Brings New Beginnings

I hope you have a safe, memorable and refreshing break and that your goodbye to 2015 brings reflection and gratitude; and the anticipation of 2016 brings you hope and expectancy.
As for me, I don’t necessarily make a list of new year’s resolutions.  They tend to come and go with limited commitment. Instead, I believe in planning. In growing. In troubleshooting. In thoughtful analysis and implementation.  Therefore, my planning for 2016 seeks to address multiple areas of parent involvement, community involvement and communication. And I am committed to that end.
I work with parents, school admins, teachers, students and community leaders throughout the year. I seek out ways for parents to be involved so that a sense of community and partnership can be fostered throughout this large District.
In listening to the many voices of the community, I am trying to meet the needs of parents in a variety of ways. First, by examining the function of Parent University. I realize that parents are busy and many struggle balance the time demands of each day. In order to try to address this issue, I am hoping to conduct podcasts of some of the classes. I recognize that some classes may not allow for podcasts and that it does minimize the ability for community involvement, but I believe there are other ways to foster the community piece while addressing the parent education part.
As always, if you have class suggestions, please let me know. This includes requests for more information regarding district initiatives, programs and various school needs as they arise. We also want to make sure we are sharing best practices throughout our school and parent communities.
Also, I understand that there is a need for better communication through avenues that parents use. This is something about which I am passionate and want to be intentional in my communication to parents. To that end, I am forming a parent committee to address communication and engagement. We must be united as a community to accomplish the goal of student success in every sense of the word.
And finally, I am researching ways to involve parents throughout the district in a positive, constructive way. I am looking forward to playing a greater role in the District Accountability Committee and in School Accountability Committees, as a resource and a guide for greater, more productive partnerships between parents, schools, district and the community.
​I want to thank all of you for your volunteerism and participation. I know that time is a valuable resource and so I appreciate your time commitment to help bring “community” to our district.  My aim for 2016 is to make it worthwhile, valuable and constructive.


December 18, 2015 | By SKBrown | Category: parent resources
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