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What is Workday?

What is Workday?

Workday is a human resources, benefits and payroll application that truly works the way people work. Workday has a modern, intuitive interface that users adopt readily. 

System is Sleek & Modern
While Workday is a robust system with the capability to complete very complex tasks, it is extremely easy for users to navigate.

"It is a lot like Facebook. You get in there and you get all the information. It's easy to navigate. You know what you're looking for. It's user friendly. That's the holy grail for any software system," said Chief Technology Officer Gautam Sethi.

DCSD is the First
Douglas County School District has earned a reputation as a "District of Firsts," unfraid to reinvent American education through intuitive tools for our employees like InspirED Innovation.  True to that innovative spirit, DCSD is the first public PK-12 instituion to implement Workday. The solution, however, is used by many universities and businesses because of its ease of use, the flexibility the system provides, low cost of ownership, focus on providing functionality unique to education, and the collaborative nature of new functionality design process.

Education organizations that are using Workday or planning Workday implementations include Sacramento Public School, University of Miami, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Georgetown, New York University, University of Rochester, Yale University, and University of Southern California.