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DCSD to ‘rev up’ our Workday

We know how valuable our employees' time is, which is why efforts are underway to roll out a new system that will bring all of their information about payroll, benefits and personal data into one place.

Workday, a human resources software solution, is expected to be launched in April. It is an all-inclusive interface for human resources, compensation, benefits, payroll, absence management, talent management and standard reports.

“It simply helps an employee find information about themselves in the system,” said Chief Information Officer Gautam Sethi. “[It will provide] everything related to your payroll,  your leaves, your absences, and your emergency contact information.”

As Chief Human Resources Officer Brian Cesare explains, right now employees get frustrated because they must go to multiple locations to find this information.

“In the past, if you wanted to look at your pay stub, you'd have to go out to the ATS Print Freedom website. If you wanted to change your W2, you'd have to go to Employee Self Service. If you wanted to figure out what your information is in your personnel file, you'd have to call Human Resources,” Cesare said. “With a one stop shop it is going to be simple for employees to find out all of their data.”

Workday will provide employees with a single dashboard to find all of their information in a sleek, easy to use interface.

“When you look at it, you're going to like it. It is basically like Facebook,” Sethi said. 

“You get in there and you get all the information. It's easy to navigate... you know what you're looking for. It's user friendly. That's the Holy Grail for any software system.”

While DCSD is the first public PK-12 school district to use this software, Workday is a leader in the industry, serving Fortune 500 companies and a number of universities. The software solution will drive the district toward better alignment with our key principles of inclusiveness, best practices, autonomy, accountability, and data integrity. 

VIDEO: District leaders speak about the benefits of Workday

Chief Financial Officer Bonnie Betz says Workday will replace a handful of software solutions, including our Oracle EBS system. It will also modernize a number of management functions, replacing antiquated processes, which sometimes still require paper forms.

“Workday is really going to transform our business to allow us to be that efficient,” explained Chief Financial Officer Bonnie Betz. “Sometimes, people forget that we are a half-billion dollar organization. There are not very many private companies that are as large as us. We have more than 8,000 employees that we pay monthly. We need to have the best operational system to make sure that we are accounting for all of our funds and that we're paying people accurately and on time every time,” Betz said.

She says that there will be a number of improvements thanks to the new system. The District will be better able to serve employees by moving to a twice monthly pay schedule. Managers will be able to better track the performance of their employees and their skills. Perhaps the biggest benefit will be saving employees’ time and the District money, so that more resources are available to our students.

“We are trying to be as innovative as possible. The more innovative, the more efficient we are, the more resources there are so that we can better meet the needs of our students, Betz added. 

To help keep employees informed about the transition, we will be offering regular updates on our Workday website, as well as in THINK, the DCSD employee newsletter.

Just look for the logo shown at the top of this story. We are calling this effort RPM, because the new tool will make our organization more Responsive. Productive. Measurable.

“We're going to rev up your workday... with Workday,” said Betz.

To help with the new system, employees from each school and administrative building are being selected to become Workday Implementation Leads (WILs). WILs will be provided training so they can support their colleagues in the transition coming next spring. 

VIDEO: How Workday will streamline work at DCSD

August 13, 2014 | By rmbarber | Category: Workday

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