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Types of Student Data Collected By DCSD, Beyond What CDE Requires

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While the majority of data collected by the district is for serving regulatory requirements from a federal agency or state regulatory agency, some student data may serve operational needs local to the district such as emergency communications with families, facilitating transportation, providing certain services to students, facilitating formative assessments, etc.

Student data is highly regulated by multiple federal and state laws including FERPA, COPPA and HB 16-1423, and is maintained per records retention policies of the district. Within district systems access to this data is defined and restricted by staff role, and system users are required to log-in through secure channels to access such data. 


Type of Data

What specific data is collected beyond what CDE requires?

What needs does it serve?

Who provides / collects this data, and how often is it updated?


Student Demographic

  • Enrollment History  

  • Previous Academic Services

  • Immigrant Status  

  • Student Number (local District student identifier, not SSN)

State and Federal Funding, Compliance, Safety, Student Services, Notifications, Academic Achievement, Assessment

Parent-provided at enrollment, annual updates, and ongoing


Student Attendance

  • Attendance Contracts  

  • Notes  

  • Attendance Grouping

State Funding, Compliance, Student Engagement/Retention

Teacher and office staff, daily


Student Health

  • Health Concerns

  • Medical Conditions  

  • Health Office Visits  

  • Insurance  

  • Medicaid  

  • Well Child Care  

  • Lifestyle  

  • Birth History  

  • Developmental History

Student Safety, Student Services, Health Services

Parent provides data at enrollment and updated annually (or as needed). Health office staff on annual occurrences


Student Academic

  • Assignments  

  • Schedules

  • Grades for Report Cards and Permanent Records

Student Achievement, Student Records

Teacher, daily


Student Assessments

  • NWEA

  • DIBELS  

  • Istation

  • Curriculum Associates (iReady)


  • SAT (for transcripts and colleges)  

  • PSAT


  • RENAISSANCE LEARNING (STAR and Accelerated Reading)

  • AP

  • ICAP

Student Achievement, Educator Effectiveness, School Performance Framework

Student, varied (based on state law and district policy around assessments.)


Student Interventions

  • Student Academic Gaps

  • Interventions  

  • Assessments  

  • Observations  

  • Outcomes  

  • Instructional and Supplemental Services provided.  

  • Notes

Student Engagement/Retention, Compliance, State Funding, Student Achievement, Student Services

Teachers, Administrators, Office staff, as necessary


Family Demographic

  • Relationship  

  • Household Members

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Declaration of Residence

Safety, Boundary/School Placement, compliance, State and Federal Funding, Communication

Parent, at enrollment, updated annually or as needed


Library Media

  • Library check out  

  • Textbooks  

  • Fines

District Resource Tracking/Asset Management

Library staff (as necessary), District staff annually



  • Student, Staff and Parent email communication

Communication (Normal and Emergency

As per district policies related to Communications



  • Bus routes  

  • Bus stops  

  • Rider tracking  

  • GPS

Safety, State funding, Transportation

District staff, annually, daily



  • Fine/fee assessment  

  • Fine/fee payment

Revenue (for school operations including trips, special offerings, etc.)

Office staff, Parent ongoing


Online Curriculum

  • Student Number (not SSN)

  • Student Name

  • Student DOB

  • Class ID  

  • Course ID  

  • Teacher ID

Teaching and Learning

Teacher (at time of sign-up in online curriculum)


School of Choice Records

  • Primary Residence and Mailing Address

Open Enrollment

Registrar, Principal


Student Graduation Planning (ICAP)

  • Colleges of interest  

  • Graduation Plan Portfolio

  • Advanced Learning Plan (grades 7-12)

System used to help students in preparation for college. Allows students to put together a portfolio of their services, assessments and school history in one location.