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2808 N State Highway 85, Bldg. B, Castle Rock, CO 80109  •  Phone: 303-387-0407  Fax: 303-688-3543

Schools served by the West Terminal

Castle View High School Feeder Area

Academy Charter School*
Aspen View Charter School
Castle Rock Middle School
Castle View High School
Clear Sky Elementary
Larkspur Elementary
Meadow View Elementary
Sedalia Elementary
Sky View Academy (in Highlands Ranch)
Soaring Hawk Elementary

Douglas County High School Feeder Area

Cantril Preschool, Castle Rock*
Castle Rock Elementary
Cherry Valley Elementary
Daniel C. Oakes High School
Douglas County High School
Flagstone Elementary
Mesa Middle School
Renaissance Expeditionary Magnet (serviced by East Terminal)
Rock Ridge Elementary
Sage Canyon Elementary
South Ridge Elementary

*Transportation service is not provided to schools listed in red.
West Terminal Staff Directory
Area Manager Bill Caldwell 303-387-0413
Area Secretary Theresa Carpenter 303-387-0432
Assistant Terminal Manager Ronna Gerst 303-387-0431
Dispatcher Ellie McMahon 303-387-0406
Dispatcher Pam Shearer 303-387-0404
Office Asst/Backup Dispatch Terry Dalton 303-387-0422
Scheduler Melissa Western 303-387-0412
Interim Director Scott Benefield 303-387-0401
Director's Secretary Theresa Carpenter (interim) 303-387-0410
Technology Specialist David Brick 303-387-0443
Zpass Application Specialist Laurie Perkins 303-387-0411
Zpass Assistant Debbie St.Clair 303-387-0447
Accts Payable / FT Billing Brandy Wells 303-387-0423
Fleet Manager Lance Yoxsimer 303-387-0425
Fleet Secretary Shawntray Steele 303-387-0457
West Terminal Shop Foreman Jeff Pihl 303-387-0424

8236 Carder Court, Littleton, CO 80112   •   Phone: 303-387-6150  Fax: 303-387-6162

Schools served by the North Terminal

Highlands Ranch High School
Feeder Area

Acres Green Elementary
Arrowwood Elementary
Bridges Center - North, Lone Tree
Cougar Run Elementary
Cresthill Middle School
Eagle Ridge Elementary
Fox Creek Elementary
Highlands Ranch High School

Rock Canyon High School
Feeder Area

Buffalo Ridge Elementary
Redstone Elementary
Rock Canyon High School
Rocky Heights Middle School
Timber Trail Elementary
Wildcat Mountain Elementary

Mountain Vista High School
Feeder Area

Bear Canyon Elementary
Copper Mesa Elementary
Heritage Elementary
Mountain Ridge Middle School
Mountain Vista High School
Northridge Elementary
Sand Creek Elementary
Summit View Elementary

Charter/Magnet/Alternative Schools and Centers

American Academy Charter*
Eagle Academy*
Early Childhood Center*
DCS Montessori Charter School*
Lone Tree Elementary Magnet*
Platte River Academy*
Sky View Academy (serviced by West Terminal)

ThunderRidge High School
Feeder Area

Coyote Creek Elementary
Eldorado Elementary
Plum Creek Academy
RanchView Middle School
Roxborough Primary
Roxborough Intermediate
Saddle Ranch Elementary
Stone Mountain Elementary
ThunderRidge High School
Trailblazer Elementary

*Transportation service is not provided to schools listed in red.

North Terminal Staff Directory
Area Manager Gary Weaver 303-387-6153
Area Secretary Linda Friedrichsen 303-387-6154
Assistant Terminal Manager Bob Buch 303-387-6103
Dispatcher Allison Harper 303-387-6152
Dispatcher Chris Marvelle 303-387-6151
Scheduler Kathy Orndorff 303-387-6156
Scheduling / Training Assistant Kayla Kreger 303-387-6155
Field Trips Manager Monica Tyler 303-387-6081
Office Asst/ Field Trip Assistant Julie Roy 303-387-6080
Zpass Backup Dispatch Office Assistant Sarah Crane 303-387-6082
Training & Safety Manager Susan Nowland 303-387-6101
Trainer Joyce Glenn   303-387-6158
Trainer Beth Micci 303-387-6087
Trainer Holly Rolen 303-387-6088
Trainer Nancy Storti 303-387-6086
Trainer Kathy Swier 303-387-6084
Trainer Joanne Vento 303-387-6085
Trainer Mike Zahn 303-387-6157

17801 E Plaza Drive, Parker, CO    •   Phone: 303-387-0570 Fax: 303-840-1882

Schools served by the East Terminal

Chaparral High School Feeder Area
American Academy Charter School
Bridges Center - East, Parker
Challenge to Excellence Charter School*
Chaparral High School
University Center at Chaparral
Cherokee Trail Elementary
Core Knowledge Charter*
DC Student Support Center
Mammoth Heights Elementary
North Star Academy*
Pine Grove Elementary
Pine Lane Elementary
Prairie Crossing Elementary
Sierra Middle School

Legend High School Feeder Area
Cimarron Middle School
Frontier Valley Elementary
Gold Rush Elementary
Iron Horse Elementary
Legend High School
Pioneer Elementary

Ponderosa High School Feeder Area
Franktown Elementary
Legacy Point Elementary
Mountain View Elementary
Northeast Elementary
Ponderosa High School
Sagewood Middle School
American Academy Charter School

*Transportation service is not provided to schools listed in red.

East Terminal Staff Directory
Area Manager Nick Norman 303-387-0574
Area Secretary Darla Paez 303-387-0573
Assistant Terminal Manager Gary Vavra 303-387-0580
Dispatcher Julie Cahoon 303-387-0570
Dispatcher John Thibodeau 303-387-0571
Assistant Dispatcher Sandy Collins 303-387-0590
Scheduler Sondra Schenck 303-387-0585

The Special Needs Leadership Team is available to answer questions and address concerns regarding transportation throughout Douglas County School District for students with special needs. Special Needs Customer Care Specialists are in direct communication with the drivers during route times. They are there to schedule the routes your student takes.

Call us when:

  • The bus is running late or you are running late.
  • You need to contact your driver.
  • Your student will be out for a prolonged amount of time.
  • You need to provide custody calendars.
  • You have concerns about your student's route changing due to fluctuations in the student population.

Please note: District policy does not allow drivers to answer their phones or respond to text messages while on duty.

Special Needs Staff Directory
Manager Michelle Brower 303-387-0357
Assistant Manager Debbie Hudson 303-387-0356
Assistant Manager Sheri Neuman 303-387-0355
Secretary Joyce Acklin 303-387-0358
Customer Care Specialist Jeff Orndorff 303-387-0350
Customer Care Specialist Leanne Boatright 303-387-0351
Customer Care Specialist Amy Ulrickson 303-387-0353
Customer Care Specialist Anne Zarate 303-387-0352