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Find your bus route

Bus traveling on road
In preparing for the 2017-2018 school year, this site is currently under construction. Please check back beginning July 17th for updated bus route information. 



Bus routes look differently this year due to our new routing software. 

When you look up your student, you will see the following type of number: 6445.A312.

  • This is a unique number for our system.
  • Disregard the first four digits.  
  • The "A" stands for "AM" and the "P" stands for "PM." 
  • The 3 digits after the letter are the route number.

Reminder: The walk distance is one mile for elementary students and two miles for middle school and high school students. Routes and stops are built based on the safest area for the bus to stop for students to board or leave the bus. 

Parents who have child(ren) enrolled in Douglas County School District can search the bus route database to determine where the bus stop is located in their neighborhood and at what time the bus will arrive at the stop, both in the AM and PM, where applicable.

The bus route database requires login with Parent Portal credentials. Contact your school if you do not have a Parent Portal username and password.


Bus Route Information

Bus routes and stops are subject to change.