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Become a DCSD bus driver! Here is what our current bus drivers are saying

Bus and Bus Driver

DOUGLAS COUNTY-The Douglas County School District (DCSD) is currently seeking bus drivers. Bus drivers are responsible for the transportation of students to and from schools and for various other District activities. As a transportation representative of DCSD, bus drivers develop and promote good community relations among various community and school clientele.

Other responsibilities include safety inspections, managing student conduct and safety on school busses, attending trainings, and more.

Part-time positions are available and drivers are welcome to bring their kids to work.

What our current bus drivers are saying

We asked some of our own bus drivers what they loved about their job and why others would want to join the DCSD Transportation team. Here is what they said:

“What I like about being a bus driver is the connection with the kids. You tend to treat the kids you pick up as your own kids. You care when they are unhappy and try to make things better. You are a parent, a teacher and a friend with the kids. Also the co-workers you work with are amazing people and we work as a team to make everyone's job easier.”

“I enjoy the variety. Every day is different and I get to interact with such varied groups of people. I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed. I enjoy having a mobile office where I am constantly encountering new situations. This keeps me learning. The people at this company are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work”

“I love interacting with the kids and being a positive influence in their lives.Though it can be challenging, it is also so rewarding to be a part of your students’ whole school experience.”

“The best things about being a bus driver are the kids, hours and the people you work with. The kids will do things and say things that will make you bust a gut laughing on the inside, but on the outside you have to let them know that there is a time and place for Tom Foolery. It is an easy job, but it carries a lot of responsibility in making sure the precious cargo you are carrying is safely delivered to and from school. The hours are perfect if you like doing things during the day like playing golf, or taking a nap, or just hanging out at home where it is nice and quiet without kids or spouses. The people you work with are truly caring individuals that are willing to help you if you need it, no matter what the situation is whether it is personal or work related.”

“It takes you back to your childhood days (waiting for snow days) and they pay you for it! It is pretty cool commandeering a 14 ton vehicle too!!!”

“Morning sunrise, flexible schedule, being the eyes and ears of the community, having a place to go that’s important, dressing casually, being my own boss, the time off is valuable, the ability to be paid during breaks and the ability to bring your own kids to work.”

“I love when the kids on your route are happy to see you. I love the atmosphere and the people I work for. “

“One of the perks is this is a great career for moms and dads! You get to be home with your family every night, every weekend, summer and all holidays.”


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September 28, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Operations, Transportation

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DCSD is requesting parent input on the health and wellness of our students. Last year, DCSD received a large planning grant from Colorado Health Foundation in an effort to assess how the district supports students through the lens of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model (WSCC). The mission of this grant is to review the current state of DCSD's student health and wellness program, and then formulate a three to five-year plan based on stakeholders’ needs, the latest research, and best practices. As part of this process, we would like your input.

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