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Three Douglas County seniors earn perfect ACT scores

DOUGLAS COUNTY – Seniors Benjamin King (left) of Rock Canyon High School, Julie Newman (center) of Mountain Vista High School and Shawn Ong (right) of Douglas County High School each earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.

According to the Colorado Department of Education, Newman and Ong are two of seventeen students in the state who earned a perfect score on the state-administered ACT.  King earned his perfect ACT score outside the state-administered ACT.  The ACT is administered six times a year.  According to the ACT, over 1.6 million students took the ACT in 2012.  Less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earns the top score of 36.

“We are especially proud of Benjamin's achievement of a perfect ACT score,” said Rock Canyon High School principal Andy Abner.  “Benjamin is one of our top students who continually seeks to challenge himself with rigorous coursework. His hard work and commitment to excellence have certainly helped him with this amazing accomplishment. Benjamin's extraordinary achievements make Rock Canyon High School a better place.”

“Every so often a very special individual such as Shawn comes through our school and wow's us with his talents,” said Douglas County High School principal Tony Kappas.  “Shawn is a very versatile individual who is highly involved in academics, activities and athletics.  [He] embodies the qualities that we strive to instill in all students during their years in public education.  Upon his graduation, we will be proud to say that Shawn is a Douglas County High School graduate. Shawn has extreme potential and we are anxious to follow him in his post-secondary career and see what great things he will have done with his life!”

“Julie Newman will undoubtedly make a difference in this world and impact the lives of others,” said Mountain Vista High School principal Michael Weaver.  “Her academic record is impressive. Julie humbly states that she has never been focused on doing well in rigorous courses or on college entrance exams for the purpose of looking good on paper.  Julie has a passion for learning that is unmatched.  Additionally, Julie's involvement in athletics, academic chapters and service organizations exemplify Mountain Vista's mission to provide an outstanding comprehensive educational experience.  We are extremely proud of Julie!”

The ACT includes 215 multiple-choice questions and covers English, mathematics, reading, and science with an optional Writing Test.  According to the ACT, over 1.6 million students took the ACT in 2012.  Less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earns the top score of 36.

In addition, the Douglas County School District also announced the names of 17 National Merit Semifinalists in October.

Follow this link to learn more about the ACT.

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