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Theatre production helps combat cyber bullying

PARKER- Bullying can be a tough situation for any educator, student or family to handle. Words such as "you’re pathetic and mean nothing" and "No one likes you @ school," whether posted on social media or said in person, can damage a young person’s psyche.

As cyber bullying becomes more prevalent, so are the effects it has on kids. It can lead kids to skip school, use drugs or alcohol, acquire health problems, underperform in academics, and more.

Parker Arts, in collaboration with Douglas County School District and over a dozen community outlets, is using an arts-based approach to combat cyber bullying.

"Out of Bounds is an informative evening about kids and cyber-bullying, and will give parents resources on where they can turn to for help," said Ann Walton, DCSD Health & Prevention Professional, who will lead a Q&A with audience members at the event. "Unfortunately, this is an issue that reaches all of our kids, from a very young age, and as parents it is important for us to know the best ways to help our kids through these rocky waters."  

The evening’s theatre performance of Out of Bounds tells the story of cyber bullying from the point of view of 14-year-old Amy and her peers. This opens a discussion about bullying, friendship, past mistakes, and forgiveness. New to school and trying to make friends, Amy responds to a dare and posts an inappropriate picture of herself online.  Soon everyone in the school has seen it and no one is going to let her forget it. Out of Bounds explores the vicious world of cyber-bullying and the complicated choices young people make when navigating the politics of friendship. 

In addition to the performance, there will be several resources available at the event including over a dozen community groups offering their expertise on bullying, counseling, and suicide prevention. A panel discussion to answer your questions as a parent will also be held as part of the event. Preceding the performance, Kristy Arellano, whose daughter tried to end her life a couple of years ago, will share her family’s personal experiences with cyber bullying and how it has forever changed their lives.  

"Out of Bounds will help us spark an anti-bullying conversation, and we feel very strongly about the importance of this event," said Walton. "Douglas County parents will become enlightened on the issues of cyber bullying and walk away empowered."


Wednesday, February 3, 5:00 PM (Adults: $12, Youth 18 and under: Free)

Find tickets here

5:00 - Resource booths open
5:30 - Welcoming Announcements – Mayor Waid and Colorado Representative Rhonda Fields
5:40 - Kristy Arellano (Kiana’s Mother - Kiana’s Law) shares her story
6:00 - Working Group Theatre's Performance 
7:40 - Panel Discussion with questions from the audience
8:15 - Resource booths open
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Children's Hospital - Pediatric Mental Health Institute of Colorado
Colorado Department of Education
Douglas County Libraries
Douglas County Schools
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office – Youth Education and Safety in Schools (Y.E.S.S.)
Douglas County Youth Initiative
Dragon Heart Martial Arts
Elbert County Coalition Community Resource Center
Elbert County Sheriff’s Department
Juvenile Assessment Center
Kelli Korn Counseling 
Parker Pediatrics
Parker Police Department
Pines and Plains Library – Elizabeth, CO
Southeast Christian Church - Parker
January 20, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Health Wellness and Prevention

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