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Campus Security Specialists work to keep students safe

When students return to our middle and high schools this fall they may notice a little change as they’re greeted by our campus security specialists. This highly capable group of men and women will be wearing a new light gray uniform, signifying a larger organization change, which aims to make our schools even safer.

Beginning on July 1, the Campus Security Specialists Program will report to the Douglas County School District’s Safety and Security department, rather than their individual schools. The goal is to ensure that our campus security staff is uniformly trained, certified, and ready, through consistency and alignment with nationally-recognized best practices.

Over the course of the last school year, my staff and I, worked closely with the PK-12 department, including middle and high school principals, to develop a transition plan.

Starting this fall, all Campus Security Specialists are outfitted with a uniform, black pants and a light grey shirt with the word Security in bold lettering displayed on the back. Individual schools have the option to place the school mascot on the front lapel of the shirt, alongside the words DCSD Security.

Safety is the top priority of the Douglas County School District and we believe better coordination between the Safety and Security department and our campus safety specialists will help us meet our goal of providing the safest environment possible, so that our students can focus on learning.

August 16, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Operations_Happening
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