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System Performance empowers us to define and measure what matters most


The system performance priority empowers the District to define and measure what matters most

Since the inception of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), there has been a bright light on accountability in American education. In the Douglas County School District, we embrace our responsibilities to our students, staff and community, and welcome quality accountability at all levels and for all aspects of our educational organization.

In 2011, we launched a strategic plan that worked to create the accountability structures, processes and mechanisms we hope to see in American education – accountability systems that measure the most important outcomes from each part of our system. We pushed ourselves to make sure that the accountability systems we envisioned and built were of the highest quality, embraced authenticity, and were focused on rigorous and important outcomes – outcomes expected by our business partners and higher education – and that would serve our students well.

Three years later, we have developed a professional pay system for all employees that embraces quality assessment of the most important things they do for students as the basis of their pay increases. We are also well into the process of creating a balanced assessment system that creates a body of evidence for each of our students on the most important knowledge and skills that they must acquire to be, as Dr. Tony Wagner would say, college, career and citizenship ready for the 21st century. We also ‘broke ground’ on professional pathways for our staff – pathways which provide the opportunity for all staff to grow and promote in ways that are unique to their particular strengths and desires.

We also shattered the dysfunctional and outdated step and lane salary schedules of the past that focused on inputs to drive pay. Instead, we moved to a market-based pay system that starts by paying employees using supply and demand of the market place, and then places their future increases in their hands and the hands of their outputs in our system and for our students.

As we look toward the next three years, we plan to stay the course in developing, implementing and refining our balanced assessment system for students. This includes all of the various system components. We also plan to continue to refine our professional pay system throughout the District. New additions include the creation of district performance reporting mechanisms, a school accreditation process aligned to district expectations, and various communication tools for parents and community members. 


Defining and measuring what matters most
-Defining what matters most to our stakeholders
-Developing a cutting-edge System Performance Framework that will measure student, educator, school, leader and District performance
-Integrating authentic measurements that will lead to continuous improvement for our students and allow our stakeholders to remain informed