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Sand Creek Eagles soar high with Green Flag

Sand Creek Elementary students celebrate Green Flag

HIGHLANDS RANCH – Members of Sand Creek Elementary School’s Green Team recently swarmed the flagpole. After months of hard work, each of the students wanted a chance to help raise their new Green Flag.

The flag raising came only minutes after the school received the prestigious Green Flag Award from the National Wildlife Federation during a special assembly on May 1. The school is the sixth Douglas County School District (DCSD) school and 45th in the nation to receive the Green Flag Award. 

“We are here to award your school the highest and most prestigious Eco School USA recognition, the Green Flag Award. Congratulations!” said David Ellenberger, a regional outreach coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation, who presented the award to a roaring crowd at the elementary school.

The other DCSD elementary schools include: Castle Rock, Copper Mesa, Flagstone, Fox Creek and Heritage.

The Green Flag Award is a celebration of sustainability. The students at Sand Creek focused on three eco-pathways:

  • Healthy Living: Encouraging students to increase physical exercise and mental fitness
  • Waste & Consumption: Increasing recycling and composting efforts
  • Energy: Decreased excess electricity usage

The students say they have already seen results from their work. For the second year in a row they have been able to decrease the electricity usage by 8 percent. The school is not finished, however.

“Now that we have earned the flag, we have to keep the flag,” said Sand Creek Elementary Principal Philip Ranford. “We are going to continue working on being a great Eco School.”

Now much of their focus is on cutting down on the amount of waste that the school sends to the landfill.

Part of that process is digging through the school’s trash, a task that may be gross but some students say they do not mind.

“It was fun for me, I don’t know if it was fun for everyone else,” one student said.

Following the flag raising, the members of Sand Creek Elementary Green Team were ecstatic. 

“As a sixth-grader, I think it is really cool. Not everyone gets to leave their elementary school knowing that they made a huge, huge difference. I think that is really cool,” said Sand Creek student Anna.

The students say they hope their impact won’t stop at the school’s doors.

“We didn’t just make our school greener, we made a little more of the Earth greener,” said a Sand Creek student.

Learn more about DCSD’s Sustainability Efforts 

May 6, 2015 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Sustainability

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