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Get in tune with what's happening now in Douglas County Schools! Let's Talk Education broadcasts every week on DougTV (Comcast channel 54). This broadcast is hosted by Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen, and features different guests each week, focusing on news, initiatives, and the latest topics in education.

Let's Talk Education Archive

May 2015

May 13, 2015
Tom McMillan - DCSD Director of Choice Programming
Randy Barber - DCSD Internal Communications Officer

Create Something Great
May 5, 2015
Mary Murphy - DCSD Secondary Curriculum Coordinator
Lisa Conner - DCSD Gifted & Talented Facilitator
Keely Vaughan - Sage Canyon Elementary Teacher
Meghan Ofer - Sage Canyon Elementary Assistant Principal

April 2015

Special Education / IEP
April 22, 2015
Jason Germain - Chief Student Advocacy Officer
Nancy Ingalls - DCSD Director of Special Education
Cora Nash - DCSD Autism Support Team Lead

DCSD Board of Education
April 15, 2015
Kevin Larsen - DCSD Board of Education President

Student Advisory Committee
April 8, 2015
Guest Host - Steve Cook - Assistant Superintendent Secondary Education
Derek Chaney - DCSD Director of Activities, Athletics and Student Leadership
Mathi Harikrishnan - Co-President Student Advisory Committee
Hillary Hanson - Student Advisory Committee Member

March 2015

District and School Acountability Committees
March 18, 2015
Kathy Brown - DCSD Parent Liason
Chris Cingrani - DAC Chair
Sandra Brownrigg - SAC Member

2015 Apple Award Winners
March 11, 2015
Patti Magby - Meadow View Elementary Principal
Mary Lisa Harper - Mammoth Heights Elementary Teacher
Kathy Carter - Renaissance ELOB Magnet School Teacher
Jennifer Morris - Iron Horse Elementary Teacher

February 2015

Nutrition Services/ThunderRidge ProStart
February 4, 2015
Rob Ross - DCSD Legal Counsel
Gigi Whalen - Coyote Creek Elementary Principal
Kirsten Braun - Coyote Creek Elementary Teacher

Legislative Session Preview/Master Lego Unit
February 11, 2015
Brent Craig - DCSD Director Nutrition Services
Chef Jason Morse - DCSD Executive Chef
Halee Paddock - ThunderRidge HS ProStart Student
Connor Bruce - ThunderRidge HS ProStart Student

January 2015

Budget Process
January 28, 2015
Bonnie Betz - DCSD Chief
Scott Smith - DCSD Director of Budgets

Specialized Learning
January 21, 2015
Jason Germain - DCSD Student Advocacy Officer
Nancy Ingalls - DCSD Director Special Education
Mary Page - Plum Creek Academy Principal
Judy Jordan - Special Education Coordinator

DCSD Communications
January 14, 2015
Paula Hans - DCSD Public Information Officer
Randy Barber - DCSD Internal Communications Officer

December 2014

Student & Staff Wellness 
December 10, 2014
Guest Hosts:
Dr. Jason Germain - Chief Student Advocacy Officerk
Dr. Steve Cook - Assistant Superintendent Secondary
Paullette Joswick - DCSD Director of Health & Wellness
Staci McCormack - DCSD Prevention & School Culture Coordinator
Collette Hohnbaum - DCSD Intervention & Support Coordinator
Gina Landis - Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary
Kara Tidemann - Curriculum Coordinator, Elementary

System Performance - Assessment
December 3, 2014

Matt Reynolds - DCSD Chief System Performance Officer
Jaime Bailey - DCSD Assessment Coordinator
Julie Schneider - Clear Sky Elementary Teacher (4th Grade)
Austin Mueller - DCSD Assessment Coordinator

November 2014

World Class Education
November 5, 2014

Dr. Dana Johnson-Strother - DCSD Chief Academic 
Gina Landis - Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary
Russell Loucks - Mountain Ridge Middle School iLab Teacher

October 2014

Safety & Security
October 29, 2014

Rich Payne - DCSD Director of Safety & Security
SGT. Ron Hanavan - DCSO Public Information Officer

October 22, 2014

Ted Knight - DCSD Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools
Paula Hans - DCSD Public Information Officer
Kathy Brown - DCSD Parent Liaison

Health & Wellness
October 8, 2014

Paulette Joswick - DCSD Director of Health & Wellness
Peter Thompson - DCSD School Neuropsychologist

September 2014

Nutritional Services
September 10, 2014

Brent Craig - DCSD Director of Nutritional Services
Jason Morse - DCSD Executive Chef

August 2014

Welcome Back / Teacher Retention
August 13, 2014

Steve Cook - DCSD Assistant Superintendent Secondary Education
Brian Cesare - DCSD Chief Human Resources Officer

Parent University
August 20, 2014

Kathy Brown - DCSD Parent Liaison
Pat McGraw - DCSD Chief Development and Innovation Officer
Cinamon Watson - DCSD Community Relations Officer

May 2014

District Bonds / Capital Needs
May 7, 2014

Rich Cosgrove - DCSD Director of Construction
Bonnie Betz - DCSD CFO
Tony Kappas - DCHS Principal
Kathy Brown - DCSD Community & Parent Liaison

Early Literacy World Class Practices
May 14, 2014

Gail Hollins - Formative Assessment & READ Act
Syna Morgan - DCSD Chief Systems Performance Officer
Cheryl Brost - Sage Canyon Elementary Teacher
Jean Kirshner - Mammoth Heights Elementary Teacher

April 2014

Argosy Leadership Program
April 9, 2014

Julie Crawford - Trailblazer Elementary Special Education Teacher
Matt Wilson - Sage Canyon Elementary Teacher

Heritage Elementary Sustainability
April 23, 2014

Lee Smit - DCSD Sustainability Manager
Alisa Pauley - Heritage Elementary Principal
Sue Antonsen - Heritage Elementary Sustainability & Wellness Coordinator

March 2014

Apple Award Winners
March 5, 2014

World Class Educator of the Year Jenny Henry - Copper Mesa Elementary
Elizabeth School District Superintendent Douglas Bissonette

February 2014

School Financing
February 12, 2014

DCSD Chief Financial Officer Bonnie Betz
Elizabeth School District Superintendent Douglas Bissonette

January 2014

Digital Natives
January 29, 2014

Author Marc Prensky
DCSD Chief Academic Officer Elementary Dana Johnson-Strother
DCSD Chief Academic Officer Secondary Ted Knight

School Safety & Security
January 15, 2014

DCSD Special Education Director Jason Germain
DCSD Chief Operations Officer Bill Moffitt

Student Assessment & Testing
January 8, 2014

DCSD Chief System Performance Officer Syna Morgan
Legend High School Assistant Principal Dan Simington
Castle View High School Teacher Doreen Smith