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Douglas County School District Interim Superintendent Erin Kane

Erin Kane is the Interim Superintendent of the Douglas County School District, Colorado’s third largest school District, serving approximately 67,000 students.

Kane brings a broad range of experiences to her latest role with DCSD. As the Executive Director of American Academy, she has built a charter system with a third campus expected to open in 2017. Kane previously spent time in the high technology industry in project development, project management, education and consulting. She earned her engineering degree in applied mathematics and computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Kane also serves as an elected member of the Colorado League of Charter Schools Board of Directors.

As interim superintendent, Kane will focus on three priorities:

1.    Fostering a positive culture and stability within our staff and community
2.    Improving and simplifying the evaluation model, maximizing flexibility for leaders
3.    Empowering schools to implement academic programming that matches the needs of their community, while ensuring quality
The Superintendent’s responsibility is to ensure accomplishment of the Board of Education's goals and vision for the District.

Superintendent's Message

+ March 2017

+ January 2017

+ October 2016

+ September 2016

Interim Superintendent Goals
In September, The Board of Education met with Interim Superintendent Erin Kane, setting the following goals for her tenure:


GOAL 1: Focus on Climate and Culture throughout DCSD

  • Create practices around cultural norms and communication
  • Improved and transparent communication

GOAL 2: Formulate a transition plan for a permanent superintendent

GOAL 3: Perform budget analysis

  • Capture savings where possible
  • Determine spending priorities

GOAL 4: Create two versions of the budget: one reflecting the status quo and one reflecting new revenue from a mill levy override and bond

District Senior Leadership Action List
This list is not in any particular priority order.

Action 1: Determine how to further define the three key elements: educational excellence (foundational skills, content knowledge, and complex analysis), stakeholder satisfaction (students, parents, staff and community), and positive culture.

Action 2: Evaluate district outcomes and curriculum through the lens of the three key elements above and develop recommendations for the superintendent and Board of Education as a foundation for the next Strategic Plan.

Action 3: Ensure the current DCSD teacher evaluation system (CITE) captures the true value of the cultural impact and professionalism of a teacher relative to the practices of instruction, planning and assessment, while also providing the freedom to use different types of instruction (including direct instruction).

Action 4: Collaborate with special education stakeholders to create a feedback loop to inform special education programming and initiatives.

Action 5: Analyze the school budgeting processes to identify gaps that exist for low enrollment and highly impacted schools and create equitable, sustainable solutions.

Action 6: Move to zero-based budgeting for central office departmental budgets, to ensure we are as efficient as possible with district monies, maximizing support to schools and staff (zero-based budgeting is financial planning in which all expenses must be justified each new fiscal year).

Action 7: Collaborate directly with school leaders to prioritize the work of our Human Resources department to support the needs of schools.  

Action 8: Refine the market-based pay structure to create strategies that will simplify DCSD’s pay system with a focus on valuing people.

Action 9: Analyze pay gaps with other districts as well as those internal to DCSD (for instance, between long-time and new teachers) and recommend possible strategies to address the gaps.

Action 10: Refine systems to ensure operations and maintenance departmental priorities align directly with school-identified needs.

Action 11: Examine athletic, activities, and field trip transportation needs and make recommendations on ways to meet those needs.

Speaking Engagements
Interim Superintendent Erin Kane and her team enjoy meeting members of our community. Recently she has been working to speak to local groups about the state of the Douglas County School District, including the challenges the district faces and possible ways for the community to support our students and staff.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Partnership of Douglas County Governments

Thursday, February 9, 2017
Parker Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Partnership of Douglas County Governments

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Highlands Ranch Chamber of Commerce and Northeast Douglas County Education Development Council

Monday, April 24, 2017
Wind Crest Community

Schedule a Visit

If you would like to have the interim superintendent of another member of the Douglas County School District's leadership team speak to a community organization, contact our Parent & Community Liaison. She will help to make arrangements.

Katherine Brown
School/Community Partnership Coordinator