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Unique Opportunity

The Innovation Summit: Not your typical confererence

Conferences are a great opportunity to hear from experts who discuss educational theory and to network. The problem is, they usually don't focus on actual implementation - bringing the theory to actual implementation.

Knowing that implementation is one of the most challenging parts of comprehensive change, we've set out to share the experiences that we've had over the past three years in Douglas County and collaborate with you on yours.  

Taking Theory to Implementation

In 2011, the Douglas County School District began its effort to systemically reimagine and reinvent American education.  In our 2011 Strategic Plan, New Outcomes for a New Day, we thought about how we could systemically, comprehensively reinvent American education for the 21st century, for students who are different, for a world that is different. 

As we set off on our quest, it became obvious that while we could build our priorities and our strategies for change based on a convergence of the literature and research about what is best of students in the 21st Century, there was no guidance or tools when it came to implementation.  When our teachers asked to see it, there was nothing to show.  When we went to procure 21st century tools for our staff, there were none to buy.

This problem still exists today. As a result, many school districts and school leaders have contacted us wanting to visit.  

Our goal: Best practices from teachers and leaders for kids

This was the inspiration for the 2015 Douglas County Innovation Summit. Professional educators have been hard at work building the systems of the future here in Douglas County. We have learned A LOT along the way. 

Our goal during this Summit is to bring together friends, colleagues, our teachers and our leaders to share the best practices they've found during the implementation of our comprehensive changes. 

This isn't a conference just about theory. We will sit alongside you and work with you, sharing our knowledge, as you work to begin or continue building plans, curriculum, assessments, or anything else for your school district.