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Titans attempt to break world record

Legend students tie bags in preparation for world record attempt.

Legend invites community to help school create the world’s largest chain of plastic bags

PARKER – If you have ever dreamed of being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Saturday, April 8 is your opportunity. Legend High School students, staff and community members will be gathering to break a world record by tying together plastic shopping bags.

“We are hoping to connect 45,000 bags to break the record,” said Legend High School parent Lacy Reeves, who has led the effort. “When I did the math, if we started from our school, the chain would stretch all the way past the Cabela’s store [near I-25 and Ridgegate Parkway] in Lone Tree.”

According to Guinness, that record is currently held by D.F. Malherbe High School Port Elizabeth, South Africa. On March 9, 2015, the students at that school created a chain of 40,174 plastic bags, measuring 9.56 miles long.

Reeves approached the school with the idea for the event, which also serves as a fundraiser for Legend’s performing arts department, earlier this year and she says that administration, students and community members have leapt aboard.

“I was blown away by the idea,” said Legend sophomore Henry Daniels.

“We started collecting bags right away. The bags literally took over the school,” Reeves said with a laugh. “We have thousands and thousands of bags. We have been tying bags non-stop. We even have had times where the entire school has stopped to tie bags.”

“We have a lot of people that have been donating plastic bags – just huge boxes of these untied plastic bags,” added Legend Senior Lauren Block. “A lot of kids have been tying bags during break.”

“Bags just keep coming in from everywhere. Everyone just wants to be a part of this,” said Daniels. “I have spent a lot of free time tying bags. There are a lot of get-togethers where people sit together and tie or they put on a movie and tie.”

There are so many bags that Reeves had to get a storage container for them all, which was paid for by a generous donation from JHL Constructors, the firm that built Legend High School a decade ago. JHL also paid for the surveying work, required by Guinness World Records.

In recent days, Reeves and the students have been working to group links of 1,000 bags each, carefully checking and rechecking each strand.

“We are counting in advance to make sure we break the record,” Reeves said.

On Saturday, April 8, all of the work will come to fruition, when the links are pulled out onto the practice football field near the school.

“We will start to unroll the chain in a zig-zag on the field,” Reeves explained.

She is hoping that community members will come out to help that day.

“We will need a lot of hands on deck, because we’ve been unrolling these and counting them. If there is a wind that day, it will be like a kite. The chain will take off.”

Community members are asked to pay $10 for the opportunity to be part of the world record attempt. They will even receive a personalized certificate showing they were a part of breaking a Guinness world record.

“People pay that much to go to a basketball game or a movie, so we figured, the opportunity to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this,” Reeves said.

The money will go to Legend’s choir, orchestra, theatre and guitar programs. The Technology Student Association (TSA), wrestling team and other clubs will also have the opportunity to raise money by offering concessions and other services.

“It is not a typical fundraiser, like selling butter braids,” Block said. “It is something that can get the entire community and school involved.”

In addition to the fun, community event, Reeves says all of the bags connected will be recycled.

 “We will have a deejay playing music, food trucks. It will have a big party atmosphere,” Reeves said. “It will help some people check off a bucket list item, support the performing arts and protect the environment – all in one day.”

“It is a great way to get the Legend kids and community together,” Daniels said.

If everything goes according to plan, the April 8 attempt should go in the record books. You wouldn’t expect anything less at a school named Legend.

Register or learn about the event on Legend High School’s home page.

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