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Welcome to the Douglas County School District

DCSD is home to 87 amazing schools. With so many great options, offering an array of school types (neighborhood, charter, alternative and online) and educational programs (International Baccalaureate, Artful Learning, STEM, Core Knowledge, etc.) we know that we have a learning community that will meet the needs of each and every learner.

Find a school that matches your child's needs and interests

Regardless of which school you choose, we are committed to supporting the following at every building:

  • Striving for educational excellence
  • Ensuring our schools offer the educational opportunities parents dream of for their kids.
  • Building a positive culture and climate

Finally, we have refocused our efforts ensuring that we are supporting each child's journey from kindergarten to graduation. Our leaders are now assigned regional areas, so that they are able to support principals along that pathway from elementary to high school.

School Leadership Administration

Castle Rock Region:  Castle View and Douglas County Feeders
Danelle Hiatt, Executive Director of Schools
     Marilyn Spetoskey, Administrative Assistant

East Highlands Ranch Region:  Highlands Ranch and Rock Canyon Feeders
Corey Wise, Executive Director of Schools
     Cindy Jones, Administrative Assistant

West Highlands Ranch Region:  Mountain Vista and ThunderRidge Feeders
Ian Wells, Executive Director of Schools
     Kristi Husby, Administrative Assistant

Parker Region:  Chaparral, Legend and Ponderosa Feeders
Carrie Stephenson, Executive Director of Schools
     Kelly DeVol, Administrative Assistant

Activities, Athletics and Alternative Education
Derek Chaney, Director of Activities, Athletics and Alternative Education
     Ann Orcutt, Administrative Assistant


Calendars are approved by the Board of Education as required under Colorado Revised Statutes. Schools then choose a calendar based on input from their school community and in collaboration with schools within their feeder.  Currently, there are three calendars in use:  Conventional, Split Fall Break Modified and Modified.

The Board of Education approved six calendar options for the 2016-2017 school year following consultation with the District Accountability Committee and Student Advisory Council.  On November 18, 2015, the Board of Education approved the same six calendars for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years.  Those calendar options are posted on the right side of this page under Future Calendars.

2016-2017 School Year Calendars - Displayed by Feeder Area

Castle View HS Feeder Schools

CVHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Castle View High School


Castle Rock Middle School


Clear Sky Elementary


Larkspur Elementary


Meadow View Elementary


Sedalia Elementary


Soaring Hawk Elementary


Chaparral HS Feeder Schools

CHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Chaparral High School


Sierra Middle School


Cherokee Trail Elementary

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Mammoth Heights Elementary

 Split-Fall Break Modified

Pine Grove Elementary

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Pine Lane Elementary (North and South)

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Prairie Crossing Elementary

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Douglas County HS Feeder Schools

DCHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Douglas County High School


Mesa Middle School


Castle Rock Elementary


Cherry Valley Elementary


Flagstone Elementary


Renaissance Magnet School


Rock Ridge Elementary


Sage Canyon Elementary


South Ridge Elementary


Daniel C Oakes High School

  DC Oakes Calendar

Highlands Ranch HS Feeder Schools

HRHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Highlands Ranch High School


Cresthill Middle School


Acres Green Elementary


Arrowwood Elementary


Cougar Run Elementary


Eagle Academy (Night HS)

  Eagle Academy Calendar

Eagle Ridge Elementary


Fox Creek Elementary


Lone Tree Elementary Magnet School


Legend HS Feeder Schools

LHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Legend High School

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Cimarron Middle School

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Frontier Valley Elementary

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Gold Rush Elementary

 Split-Fall Break Modified

Iron Horse Elementary

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Pioneer Elementary

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Mountain Vista HS Feeder Schools

MVHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Mountain Vista High School


Mountain Ridge Middle School


Bear Canyon Elementary


Copper Mesa Elementary


Heritage Elementary


Northridge Elementary


Sand Creek Elementary


Summit View Elementary


Ponderosa HS Feeder Schools

PHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Ponderosa High School


Sagewood Middle School


Franktown Elementary


Legacy Point Elementary


Mountain View Elementary

  Split-Fall Break Modified

Northeast Elementary

 Split-Fall Break Modified

Rock Canyon HS Feeder Schools

RCHS Feeder Schools

School's choice:

Rock Canyon High School


Rocky Heights Middle School


Buffalo Ridge Elementary


Redstone Elementary


Timber Trail Elementary


Wildcat Mountain Elementary


ThunderRidge HS Feeder Schools

TRHS Feeder Schools/Programs

School's choice:

ThunderRidge High School


Ranch View Middle School


Coyote Creek Elementary


Eldorado Elementary


Plum Creek Academy


Roxborough Primary/Intermediate Elementary


Saddle Ranch Elementary


Stone Mountain Elementary


Trailblazer Elementary


Charter Schools

Charter Schools Calendar:
   American Academy Charter School

  16-17 AA Parker Calendar
  16-17 Castle Pines Calendar

   Academy Charter School   16-17 ACS Calendar
   Aspen View Academy Charter School   16-17 AVA Calendar
   Ben Franklin Academy Charter School   16-17 BFA Calendar
   Challenge to Excellence Charter School   16-17 C2E Calendar
   DC Montessori Charter School   16-17 DC Montessori Calendar
   HOPE Online Co-Op   HOPE SY Calendar 16-17
   North Star Academy Charter School   16-17 NSA Calendar
   Parker Core Knowledge Charter School   16-17 PCK Calendar
   Platte River Academy Charter School   16-17 PRA Calendar
   Skyview Academy Charter School   16-17 SVA Calendar
   STEM Middle/High Academy Charter School   16-17 STEM Calendar
   World Compass Academy Charter School   16-17 WCA Calendar

One-Fits-One Education

Douglas County School District is dedicated to supporting every student, ensuring that they have the resources and ability to find the educational pathway that best suits them, regardless of where they are in the continuum of service.

If your child requires more support, consider the following options:

Focusing on Our Kids’ Health—So They Can Focus on School

The well-being of our students is central to their capacity to learn, which is why our Health and Wellness department is dedicated to supporting our students and providing for their both their physical and mental needs.

We provide resources and assistance to address health challenges, so all students have an equal opportunity to meet their full academic potential.

Health & Wellness


Supporting ALL students by promoting health, wellness and safety through advocacy, collaboration and education.


An empowered student perceives themself as: healthy, connected, loved, valuable and able to make choices that bring joy to their life.


At times, students may need additional support to be available for learning.

Student Data and Information Services 

Today, more than ever, our schools, students, parents, and leaders rely on the information that we gather about our students.

Student Data & Information Services, a division of DCSD’s Business Services Department, is responsible for ensuring the quality and security of the data gathered, archived and, at times, released from the student information system. We assist schools, parents, the community and departments regarding student registration information and we manage academic records pertaining to alumni and students who have withdrawn. Additionally, we ensure the accuracy of archival procedures pertaining to student records and releasing of student information.

student drawing on a smart board

Partnering With Parents in Selecting the Best Learning Environment for Each Student 


Start here: EngagED Parent Portal (Open enrollment tool)


We embrace school choice by offering a wide variety of pathways to learning, including: neighborhood schools, magnet, charter, online, home education, contract schools, and scholarships to private partner schools. We then empower families to find the best educational fit for their children.

Families who wish to enroll their student in a school other than their neighborhood school must complete an Open Enrollment application during one of two open enrollment periods DCSD offers annually. 

New Kindergarten parents intending to enroll in their neighborhood school do not need to open enroll. Contact your neighborhood school for more details on Kindergarten registration details.

  • You may apply for up to four schools to open enroll.
  • First round open enrollment is not first-come, first-served; you have until January 5 to complete this process.
  • You can choose to receive a confirmation email after you request open enrollment
  • You can change your choices at any time until January 5.
  • Schools have until January 12 to offer you an open enrollment slot, based on space availability. You can log back into the Open Enrollment Tool after January 12 to check your status.
  • You have until January 19 to accept an open enrollment offer from a school through the Open Enrollment Tool.
  • If your application is not accepted by any school, or you didn't accept your offer in time, you will automatically be placed on the second round open enrollment list, which runs from February 15 to June 15.
  • Second round open enrollment is "first come first serve" your student will be placed on the wait list behind those that are currently on the wait list from first round.
  • Schools will reach out to you after 2/15 as space becomes available.

DCSD Open Enrollment Windows

Round One: November 1 - January 5

Round One applications are accepted for the following school year on a space available basis. Waiting lists, which are prioritized according to Board of Education Policy JCA/JFB-R, will be created if the number of applicants exceeds space available at the requested school. NOTE: Round One applications are NOT "first come, first served," You may request open enrollment at any time up to January 5. Round One applications are granted on a space available basis.


If a student is not accepted at a school during the first round choice enrollment, the student will remain on the school’s prioritized waitlist and be carried over to the second round choice enrollment.

Round Two: February 15 - June 15

Applications during the second round are added to the prioritized round one list on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Douglas County School District's Open Enrollment process.

Q: What is Open Enrollment, and who can apply?

A: District policy states that any student shall be allowed to attend any school of their choice for which they are eligible on a space available basis, subject to district policy. Here are links to the Open Enrollment policies:



The first round window is open from November 1 to January 5. The second window is open from February 15 to June 15. Open Enrollment applies to the following school year.

Q: How do I access Open Enrollment forms?

A: To access the Open Enrollment Tool locate the Open enrollment button on the district website. The button will go live and will appear on November 1.

Q: What is the difference between the two windows?

A: Applications filed with the district in the first window will be notified of the results (application accepted, denied, or put on the annual prioritized list) by January 12. Parents must then go in and accept those applications by January 19. Applicants not accepted during the first Open Enrollment period are automatically placed on the annual prioritized list and shall have priority over second round applicants.

Q: What is the annual prioritized list?

A: Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the space available in a school, applications are prioritized by grade level according to the priorities set forth in district policy. The annual prioritized list is purged on October 1 of each year.

Q: How will I be notified about the status of my application?

A: Applications filed with the district in the first window will be notified of the result through the open enrollment tool as well as email by January 12. Applications submitted during round 2 may receive notification of status at any time between February 15 and June 15 depending on space availability at that school.

Q: How long is my application valid?

A: Your application is valid until wait lists are purged on October 1. You will need to reapply each year during the Open Enrollment period.

Q: How does the second window work?

A: Applications received during the second window are time stamped and processed on a “first come, first served” basis. However, First Round Open Enrollment applications that were not accepted during the first Open Enrollment period are automatically placed on the annual prioritized wait list and have priority over second round applicants.

Q: How many schools can I apply for in Open Enrollment?

A: You can apply for up to four schools.

Q: What about charter schools?

A: Most Charter schools are a bit different, in that each charter school may maintain a wait list per grade, depending on the space available, and conducts a lottery each year for available seats. The Open Enrollment time frames also apply to charter schools, but each charter has its own enrollment policy. Contact the charter school directly for more enrollment and lottery information, with the exception of Sky View, they will be using the open enrollment tool this year.

Q: What is my school of Choice?

A: Your "school of choice" is the school your student attends based on acceptance of an Open Enrollment or charter school application. Your "Neighborhood" school is the school that you are assigned to based on your residence address.

Q: My student attends our neighborhood school. Do I need to open enroll to stay at this school? What if we move within the district?

A: No. Your student will be enrolled at the neighborhood school throughout the years that school serves. If you move within the district, you may also elect to stay at this neighborhood school by filing an "Intent to Remain" form with the neighborhood school, per district policy.

Q: My student was open enrolled at a school other than my neighborhood school. Now my student wants to transfer to our neighborhood school. Do I need to open enroll my student?

A: No. an open enrolled student at any level may always return to their neighborhood school by filing a Notice of Intent to Return form by Dec. 1 to return for second semester or Jan. 5th to return for the fall semester of the next school year.

Q: My student is currently open enrolled at an elementary school. If we want to attend our neighborhood middle school, do we need to open enroll in that middle school?

A: No. Elementary students will automatically be enrolled in your neighborhood middle school.  Charter school students will need to file at that school an Intent to Return form. (Click Here for the Form.) If your student wants to attend a middle school other than your neighborhood middle school, you will need to open enroll in that other middle school.

Q: My student is currently open enrolled at a middle school. Do we need to open enroll in that middle school’s feeder high school?

A: No. Your student will automatically be enrolled in your feeder high school. If your student wants to attend a high school other than your feeder high school, you will need to open enroll in that other high school.

Q: My student is open enrolled at a middle school outside my feeder. Do we need to open enroll in our neighborhood high school?

A: No.Your middle schooler may attend your neighborhood high school by filing an "Intent to Return" form with that neighborhood high school. If your middle schooler wants to enroll in any high school other than that middle school’s feeder high school, or your neighborhood high school, you will need to Open Enroll.

Q: Can my student transfer to a different school during the school year?

A: Students may not change their assigned school during a school year or for the ensuing year after the Open Enrollment time period has expired unless they receive an approved administrative transfer. The student’s current school principal and the requested school principal must agree to the transfer.

Q: Can I open enroll my special education student?

A: Possibly. Requests from parents of special education students are reviewed in accordance with state and federal law. The student’s IEP will be reviewed by the school’s IEP team to determine whether the requested school can meet the student’s educational needs.

Q: We are new to the district, and moved here after the windows have closed. How does Open Enrollment work for new residents?

A: Families who move to Douglas County outside the Open Enrollment windows should fill out a New Student Choice Application. Contact your neighborhood school for the form. If the new student wishes to attend a school other than their neighborhood school, the New Student Choice Application should be submitted to the requested school. Applications are approved as soon as practicable if space is available. If no space is available, the student’s name can be added to the annual prioritized list.

Q: My student's middle school open enrollment application was accepted. Do I need to open enroll her for the feeder high school?

A: No. So long as your student wishes to attend the feeder high school, no Open Enrollment application or other form is required.

Q: Our open enrollment application was accepted. Do I need to open enroll my student each year at that same school?

A: No. Approved applications are valid throughout the grades served at that school.

Q: Is each child in a family required to apply for Open Enrollment?

A: Yes, the online application form must be completed for each child.

Q: What are the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) guidelines about transferring to another school?

A: Interscholastic eligibility may be affected if a student changes schools after the school year begins or if the student has practiced with a school team before the start of the school year. A student who transfers schools over the summer without a bona fide family move will have restricted eligibility for the first 50% of the regular season and may have varsity eligibility during the second 50% of the regular season. Additional information is available on the CHASAA website.

Q: What are the grounds for denying an Open Enrollment application?

A: An application will be denied if:

There is a lack of space or teaching staff;
The school does not offer appropriate or requested programs;
The school is not structured or equipped with the needed facilities for special needs;
The student does not meet eligibility criteria, such as age, prerequisites, etc.;
The student has already graduated from 12 grade or holds a GED;
The student has been expelled within the prior 12 months;
The student’s behavior was detrimental to health and safety in another district;
The student fails to comply with district immunization requirements

Q: Can I appeal a denial?

A: A parent can appeal an Open Enrollment denial by filing a statement of the grounds for appeal with the Director of Schools for that level within 5 school days of receipt of the principal’s decision. The Director’s decision will be communicated to the parent or guardian within 10 school days after receipt. The Director’s decision is not subject to appeal.

A: Yes, you may enroll in the neighborhood school associated with your new address. Enroll as soon as possible after your move by contacting that neighborhood school.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Contact the Choice Programming Coordinator, Kristin Schmidt, at[at]dcsdk12[dot]org, or call 303-387-9506.

Open Enrollment

*Click here for the Intent to Remain / Return Form

*Link to View Summary of Open Enrollment Policy Changes.

New Kindergarten parents intending to enroll in their neighborhood school do not need to open enroll. Contact your neighborhood school for more details on Kindergarten registration details.

Parents wishing to enroll their three & four year olds in district preschools do not go through open enrollment.  Preschool registration will take place in late January. Follow this link for more information.