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Welcome to Kindergarten! This is a website for all Kindie parents to use as a resource for general Kindie information that will be helpful all year.  In addition to general information on this website, each teacher will send out a weekly email blast on Thursdays. Please take a few minutes to read through this  page to familiarize yourself with some general, but important, information.


READING: Each week please read with your Kindie, at least, four times. Please record the books you read with your Kindie on the weekly reading log. The reading log has four sections to be filled out every week. In each section write the title of the book you read with your child that day, the date and then you and your Kindie will both sign in that day's section. Please encourage your child to write the title. We have attached a link to the reading log below, please print it off (feel free to print the log front to back).  At the end of the week have your child pick his/her favorite book and then draw a picture on the back of the reading log. Please return the ENTIRE (all four sections) log  each week on Thursday's (Mrs. Fitzsimmons' class), Friday's (all other Kindie classes) in your child's homework folder.  The form for this is attached below.

MATH: A math homework book, "Home Links," was sent home on August 11th or 12th. Please keep the book at home and return assignments when due as per the weekly email blast. PLEASE DO NOT WORK AHEAD and ONLY SEND IN THE WORK FOR THE ACTIVITY THAT WAS ASSIGNED.  There will be several pages in the "Home Links" book that will not be assigned but are fun and beneficial activities. Please feel free to work on those at home after we have passed that page. :-) When an assignment is due, please complete it with your child and return it in his/her homework pocket on your Kindie's homework turn in day. Do not send back the whole book, just the assignment. Please make sure your child puts his/her name on the homelinks assignment. 

GUIDED READING:  Guided reading homework will come home about once a week.  Please have your child read the book to you. Please help your child practice this book at least three times. He/she can read the book to you, a sibling, and a stuffed animal. Guided reading books will be sent home on Thursday or Friday and needs to be returned the next school day. These books belong to the school. Please make sure your child takes care of the book and  returns it the next school day to ensure others may enjoy the book. If a book is lost or damaged by your student, you will need to pay for the replacement of the book.



We are very fortunate to offer your child a balanced literacy program. Our curriculum for reading, Every Child a Reader and writing, Every Child a Writer are used to help your child develop into a strong reader and writer. 

Every Child a Reader  is a research-based, comprehensive reading program based on three essential components of reading instruction: Demonstrated Reading, Differentiated Reading, and Directed Reading.

Demonstrated Reading: whole group; focus is modeling good reading strategies and behaviors.

Differentiated Reading: small groups of 5-6 children & the teacher. The reading strategies are presented as Targets and are tailored to the individual needs of each reader.

Directed Reading: small group or independent and usually involves looking at books, reading books, or playing literacy based games. 

In Kindergarten, we use big books, leveled texts, and games that teach phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and comprehension skills.

Every Child a Writer is a genre-based approach to writing.  Similar to Every Child a Reader, instruction takes place as:    

*a demonstration in whole group format

*individualized instruction in small groups, and as independent drawing and writing.

 In Kindergarten we draw and write with various materials to reinforce the importance of detailed pictures and descriptive words.

Kindie students will be exposed to description, opinion and sequential writing about a real experience.

We do teach Kindies how to phonetically spell the words they are trying to write.  By segmenting words they are encouraged to record all of the sounds they are hearing.  As we introduce more specific targets in reading, we support them transferring these to their writing.


Each level of Fundations presents skills in a carefully structured scope and sequence.These build on previously taught skills and are brought forward cumulatively: from unit to unit, year to year.

Fundations covers:

Letter formation, Phonological and Phonemic Awareness, Sound Mastery, Phonics, Vocabulary, Irregular (Trick) word Instruction, Fluency, Comprhension, and written Composition.

Our math curriculum, Everyday Math, is a hands on approach to learning about numbers, concepts and skills within our world.  Emphasis is placed on:

*Building from and connecting with children's informal, everyday expeiences with math  

*Problem solving in everyday situations and mathematical contexts  

*Revisiting topics regularly to ensure depth of knowledge and long-term learning  

*Practice through routines, games and other activities  

*Teaching that supports 'productive struggle' and maintains high cognitive demands



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