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What people are saying about PHS

What parents are saying...

"I have had many good conversations with teachers and admin at the school. I see lots of parents getting involved in activities. For a school that is shrinking in size due to the new school being opened I see the kids being involved as well. From the Sheriff's reports generated at the school, there are far less criminal incidents at Pondo that the other 2 Parker schools. My son has excelled in this school!"

"This is just a great school, hands down. The AP classes are second to none, and the staff will go out of their way to help students. I would have absolutely no problem recommending this school to anyone looking to send their child to a high performing high school, with great teachers, and great extracurricular activities."

"Ponderosa is a great school in a great school district. It is a huge part of the community of Parker."

"Although Ponderosa is the second oldest school in the county, it continues to be one of the best in preparing students for college. PHS has an excellent selection of AP classes and college credit classes. They have a great selection of extra curricular activities, giving students an opportunity to get involved. Their athletic programs are THE best in Parker, garnering 22 state championships, compared to a combined 2 among the other high schools in Parker."

"Both my daughters attend Ponderosa High School as Freshmen. They are excelling in their academic classes. They enjoy their art, choir and PE electives. Both are involved in the after school sports programs. They like their teachers, have challenging curricula and have grow tremendously this past year. In our family we are proud to be Mustangs!!"

"Ponderosa has turned out excellent and well prepared students. The variety of classes is great from jewelry, to auto shop, to theater, and a wide range of AP classes. The staff is caring and interested in the students that attend Ponderosa. The office staff is friendly and easy to work with. Ponderosa is a great place to have your students."

"The best overall established school within Douglas County schools!!!! The athletics department is the best overall in the district...still catering to challenging academic requirements! The History of Parker is at Ponderosa!!!!"

"Ponderosa has provided a wonderful education for both our children. My eldest transitioned to college and was wonderfully prepared. I am most impressed with the caring teachers who have gone the extra mile for my kids. We currently have one daughter at PHS, she is happy, challenged and thriving. Need I say more?"

"This is a fantastic high school! Both my children currently attend Ponderosa, and are in accelerated classes. Some classes will allow them to obtain college credits in High School. I do not feel athletics are emphasized unduly. I do feel that hard work in the classroom is rewarded. The atmosphere is wholesome, and extracurricular activities are exceptional. We love this school!"

"This is an excellent school. I have three children who went there and from my viewpoint the school is a great place for kids to learn and do all the extra after school activities that High School kids should be involved in. The Theater department is unbelievably talented and skilled with how they put on plays. The choral department is lead by a teacher who is excellent. All the athletics are top notch. As far as academics I suggest that you check out the ratings of the school that is given by the CSAP testing and you will see that PHS ranks one of the highest in the state." -submitted by Craig, a parent


What our teachers are saying...

"Ponderosa has a great business department not only offering 13 well designed courses from Microsoft Office to Marketing, but classes such as Entrepreneurship and Multimedia. The Microsoft Office class offers certification in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. The business department also has the Apple Award winner teacher and all the business teachers have master's degrees."

"I am in my 13th year working at PHS and this school gets better every year! Both of my children graduated from here. Our administrative team is top notch; they are professional, intelligent, kind, and compassionate and truly care about "what is best for kids". Students are involved in a multitude of exceptional extracurricular activities. All you need to do is drive by the school and you will see cars in the parking lot, well past the end of the school day. Students excel here and go on to be responsible citizens of the world. I am proud to be a part of Ponderosa's family and would not hesitate to recommend this school to anyone looking for a safe and nurturing environment where all staff and teachers truly care about how to help all students be successful!"

"I love working at Ponderosa High School. The kids are great and are truly outstanding in many areas. We have some expert teachers that guide and mentor our future generation to be successful in whatever path they may choose."

What our students are saying...

"Ponderosa has a Caring and professional staff, with outstanding athletics and activities. I am a graduate of Ponderosa and give it a 5 out of 5!"

"As an alum of Ponderosa High School, I cannot possibly say enough positive praises about this school. Ponderosa pushed me to excel both academically and in community involvement during my 4 years there, earning me several hundred thousand dollars of scholarships to universities across the U.S., including a full tuition scholarship to the University of Denver. Now that I am out of school and working, I am so grateful to not be burdened by student loan payments. I still remain in contact with some of Ponderosa's top-notch teachers, and would confidently recommend Ponderosa to any student or parent. Don't be fooled by other newer schools in the area- newer does not necessarily mean better. Ponderosa is tried and true, and still offering the best option for academics and extracurriculars in Douglas County... Go Mustangs!"

"I'm a former student currently attending Duke University. That's right, this school got me into the 8th best university in the nation. The best thing about Pondo is the community. Between developing relationships with your teachers and extracurricular activities, if you get involved early and often, this school will give you so much. No, it's not one of the brand-new schools that Douglas County is churning out, but it has a better community because of that."

"I currently attend Ponderosa High School, and the classes provided are astounding. There is also a wide variety of people, thus no one is left behind. The principal takes his leadership role very well, and even greets his students every morning at the front door. I feel as if the academics are very well balanced with the athletics department. This school is amazing!"