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Special Education


About the Special Education Department

The Special Education Department (SPED), also called Instructional Support Services (ISS), provides support for students with a variety of identified disabilities. Services range from self-contained core academic classes (SPED students only) to co-taught general education classes to resource labs to consultative services. The level of service each student receives depends on his/her individual needs as prescribed by his/her current, active IEP (Individualized Education Program).  In addition, post-secondary preparation services are provided. SPED staff consists of learning specialists, a speech/language pathologist, a job coach, a school psychologist, and several educational assistants. These specialists work together, along with general education teachers, counselors, and administrators, to provide students on an IEP with a positive and appropriate high school experience. The case managers, the mental health professionals, and the SPED Department Chair are available to the entire Ponderosa community to address questions and concerns.


Course Offerings 

17-18 Special Education Course Descriptions 


English Strategies I
English Strategies II
English Strategies III
English Strategies IV
Life Skills English
Read/Write Strategies


Consumer Math Strategies
Life Skills Math
Math Strategies
Pre Algebra Strategies


Biology Strategies
Earth Science Strategies
Life Skills Science

Social Studies

Economic Strategies
Geography Strategies
Government Strategies
Life Skills Social Studies
US History Strategies
World History Strategies

Additional Courses

Adaptive Physical Education
Career Strategies
Essential Learning Strategies
Independent Living Skills
Work Experience


Unified Basketball Schedule

Special Education Staff

Andee Ahrens
Department Chair/Moderate Needs Teacher
Nicole Belanger
Speech Language Pathologist
Noelle Dennis
Social Worker
Allison Fabrizio
Special Education Teacher - Severe Needs
Candace Grant
Special Education Teacher
Bethany Halpin
Julie Lopez
Special Education Teacher
Mari Lynott
Career Coach
Katie Runkel-Seewald
IEP and Assessment Specialist (IAS)
Lynn Trollope
Moderate Needs Teacher