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Social Studies

About the Social Studies Department

The Ponderosa Social Studies department prides itself on providing a wide range of class offerings to peak the interests of our students.  In addition to the requirements of Geography, Economics, Government, World History and U.S. History, we also offer many elective and Advanced  Placement options including AP Human Geography, AP U.S. Government, AP Psychology, AP European History and AP U.S. History.  As you view our department video you will see our commitment to providing our students with a well-rounded and diverse experience.

Course Offerings

17-18 Social Studies Course Descriptions


International Economics
US Economics


AP Human Geography
World Geography


AP US Government
US Government


AP European History
AP US History
Modern European History
Rise of Nation State England
Rise of Nation State Germany
US History to 1865
US History 1865-1945
US History since 1945
World History
World History II


AP Psychology
Sport Psychology & Performance



Other Courses

Social Issues & Service Learning

Student of The Month


"Ty Martens is the Social Studies student of the month for January. Ty is an exceptional student in and out of the classroom, and one who always raises the level of the discussion and rigor for his fellow students to follow. Ty is always prepared, has a great sense of humor and is a natural leader among his peers. We are thrilled to honor Ty for his commitment to his classes and to the betterment of Ponderosa as a whole!"

--- Mrs. Gabel


Social Studies Staff

Ashley Carda
Social Studies Teacher
Lisa Fischer
Social Studies Teacher
Sandy Gabel
Department Chair/Social Studies Teacher
Cheryl Heaton
Social Studies Teacher/NHS
Gordie Lamb
Social Studies Teacher
Paul Millard
Social Studies Teacher/Star Lab
Ryan Monroe
Social Studies Teacher
James Olsen
Social Studies Teacher
Dr. Mark Thorsen, PhD
Social Studies Teacher