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Our Mission Statement:  

"The Counseling Department of Ponderosa High School is dedicated to facilitating student growth by providing guidance in academic, social/emotional, and career development in order to allow EACH student to reach his or her full individual potential!"

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Schedule adjustments will only be processed for the following reasons: level change, drop a class for an off period, senior adding class required for graduation, or "See Counselor" on schedule. Requests to change off periods, change classes so you have a particular lunch, change classes so that you are in classes with friends, etc. are not appropriate reasons to request a schedule adjustment.  

You must print your responses prior to clicking the submit button, you must then obtain all required signatures and bring the form to the cafeteria May 21st or May 22nd from 11:30am to 1:00pm.

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Featured Article
The Child Mind Institute has recently published an article the Counseling Department wanted to share regarding coping with anxiety.  The full article is below:

The PHS counseling department hosted a series of presentations as follows: 

Junior Parent Night Presentation
Intercollegiate Athletics Eligibility Presentation

Senior Parent Night Presentation 
Financial Aid Presentation




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Counseling Staff

Noelle Dennis
Social Worker
Diane Guidroz-Fredericks
Counselor E-Laq
Bethany Halpin
Christy Kidd
Counselor Re-Z
Stephanie Ludwick
Counseling Secretary
Misty Murphy
Postgraduate Liaison
Laurie Portman
Counselor A-D
Erin Williams
Counselor Lar-Rd