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Student leadership teams

Pine Grove Student Leadership
Student Leadership consists of groups of 5th and 6th graders representing Pine Grove Elementary for the benefit of our school and community. Students apply in the fall and are selected to be on the team for the remainder of the year.

The following Student Leadership statements were written by the students of Pine Grove Elementary:

Anti-Bullying Leadership Team

The mission of the Anti-Bullying Leadership Team is to support understanding of what bullying is and to encourage students to practice positive habits to prevent and stop bullying.  The team has embraced the characteristic traits that support anti-bullying in a defensive manner.  These character traits include:  Respect, Perseverance, Honesty, Responsibility, Giving, Compassion, and Self-discipline. We share our traits by morning announcements, posters, PSAs, and going to classrooms and speaking about the traits and anti-bullying.  We are currently working on a PSA to raise awareness of bullying. The Anti-Bullying Leadership has created a Grover Paw with the five strategies to practice in case someone is bullied.  These will be given to each classroom by the team as they read books and give talks about the character traits and anti-bullying. 

Green Team

We have many committees on the Green Team that work together to help the Earth. Our ideas are flowing through the Green Team like a tsunamis, but this is about the ones that have taken initiative.

Our committees and their leaders have worked very, very hard on all these ideas for three years now. Blake’s green day is where we go without lights in the hall and you wear green, and you try not to use paper during the day. Jack’s recycling team is putting together a contest called, “Green Grover”, which involves communicating with the lunch ladies and our District Sustainability leaders on recycling our recyclable lunch necessities, and working on increasing the amount of recycling in the school. The Re-Plant Pine Grove committee created by yours truly. I did this because we have been using so much paper that decided to give back to the Earth and maybe one day the whole field will be covered with trees to make our own little jungle of given back paper. Finally, we all work together to make sure the school is saving energy through our energy audits, and our contest.

Last, so many ideas have been shooting out of our team members like fireworks and dazzling  little sparks that fly everywhere are our little ideas that will soon become a mighty rainbow that shows that all of our teams have worked together to create a wonderful and dazzling new world. So I hope this has inspired everyone from our team to your team, we’re all in this together.

Click here to visit our website. GO GREEN!

 Technology Team

Technology Team is a team that strives to help others throughout the school. We will achieve this by creating newscasts.

The first thing the Tech Team will do to benefit Pine Grove is creating newscasts. These broadcasts will help the school by showing kids what has been going on throughout the school that they might have missed. Kids also gain more knowledge about some events in the school, and they gain more knowledge about vocabulary. With our character trait segment, one of our reporters asks kids if they know what our character traits means. Let’s say if a kid doesn’t know what honesty means, they can learn the definition by watching the newscast. Plus, learning about character traits can help younger ones learn to be a good role model by using them.


 Community Service Team

The name of our group is the Community Service Team. We meet every other Friday at 7:45am. We have 8 people in our group from 5th and 6th grade. In Community Service, our main goal is to do service projects for the community.

A service project is a project that helps other people that have a need. Some of the service projects that we have been planning are: The Food Bank of the Rockies, the retirement home, and Grover Cares. We want to have a food drive for the food bank and we are planning on doing activities and interacting with the people of the retirement home. We are continuing the tradition of Grover Cares. Last year, we collected $900 for Parker Task Force and $800 for the Pine Grove families in need.

In conclusion, our Team’s goal is to help the needs in our stupendous Pine Grove community. If new needs arise, we will step up to the challenge!