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SAC Members

Jeff Stalter – SAC Chair
I've been in public finance for over 15 years serving as the Budget Director for the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, the Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Agriculture and am currently the Administration Program Manager for the Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division at the Department of Public Health and Environment. I was a before and after school program director with Cherry Creek while attending college. I have a very strong belief that parents, administration, and teachers must work together for our children to reach their potential. All of us in the PGE community can achieve this goal by communicating and working towards preparing the PGE students for continued success as they move on to secondary education. I would be honored to participate as a member of the SAC.


Jaimie Wolf – SAC CO-Chair

Kristina Kocsis – Secretary

I'm the mother of two boys, one in 7th grade and one in 4th grade.  I have been an active PGEA member for the past 5 years, 3 of which I was a board member.  I'm a firm believer in public education and having an active voice in my children's education.  I am a pediatric genetic counselor and worked at Children's Hospital Colorado for 15 years.  Just recently, I accepted a position with a private company so that I can continue to provide pediatric genetic counseling to families with children who have autism spectrum disorder, learning challenges, and other health concerns across the United States.  I participate in a variety of professional committees and partnerships through my work so I am quite familiar with bringing diverse and large groups together to reach a common goal.  I have also managed grant monies to ensure responsible allocation of funds while delivering high quality services. I look forward to staying active in PGE and am honored to be a SAC member.   I am excited to help ensure a rich and diverse school environment so that our children can succeed academically, personally, and emotionally.