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Pine Grove Elementary School

Pine Grove is a neighborhood elementary school nestled in the beautiful community of Stonegate in Parker, Colorado. Our community makes strong connections that are solidified each morning as friends meet one another on their way to start a wonderful day of learning at Pine Grove. At arrival and dismissal, you will see students walking, riding bikes and scooters as parents push strollers with future Pine Grove Panthers. Once students arrive, they begin a journey of learning. Our school mission is "Building the Bridge From Foundation to Innovation." The passionate teachers at Pine Grove don't take their eye off of important foundational skills, but cherish the opportunity to allow students to demonstrate and apply their learning to situations they may encounter in the real world. Through this learning process, students engage with a variety of technology to enhance their learning and increase engagement. All students receive guidance and support from their teachers as they collaborate with their peers on projects.

At Pine Grove, we know that not all students learn at the same rate. We are very proud of the fact that we hire certified intervention specialists to support students through remediation and/or Gifted and Talented instruction. These dedicated staff members collaborate with classroom teachers to provide wrap around support for all of our students at Pine Grove in order to meet their individual learning goals. We believe that all students should set learning goals from their individual starting point. Pine Grove teachers are well-versed in differentiated instruction so that students are supported at their level.

During the school day at Pine Grove, students are involved in many leadership opportunities such as Energy Team, Technology Club or Student Leadership, each run by a certified staff member. After school, Pine Grove has the feel of a community center and is busy each day until approximately 6 pm as students engage in a variety of after-school enrichment opportunities. We are able to provide such an outstanding learning environment for our students because of our supportive Educational Alliance/PTO who consistently raise over $50,000 each year through fundraising efforts and community events. The sky is the limit for learning at Pine Grove Elementary.