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Valentine's Day Parties and Treats




Valentine's Day Parties and Treats



Valentine's Day Parties are coming up FAST - Wednesday, February 14th!
K-AM 10:35
K-PM   2:30
K-FULL 2:30-3:30
1st grade: 2:30-3:30
2nd grade: 8:45-9:45
3nd grade: 2:15-3:15
4th grade:  2:15-3:15
5th grade:  1:05-2:05 
6th grade:  8:45-10:00 (social) 


Carnations & Sweethearts

Northridge Elementary along with the PTA invite you to send a Valentine Treat to someone special at school! For $1, a Carnation Flower or box of SweetHearts Candy will be delivered on Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14th. Please submit Valentine's Day tags by Monday, February 12th. Checks made out to Northridge PTA.

Students can send a Valentine to anyone at NRE. Ideas include but are not limited to:

- Friends
- Teachers
- Specials Teachers
- Reading Buddy and Bus Buddy
- Administration and Front Office Staff
- Retired Teachers
- Recess & Lunchroom Teachers
- Classroom Aides
- Mr. Dan, Cafeteria staff, BASE staff
**Families are also welcome to send a Valentine to their student!**