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2017-2018 specials schedule

Students at NRE have the amazing opportunity to participate in a variety of learning environments and experiences outside of their regular classroom. Throughout the year, students experience Art, Music, P.E., Technology, Health, the Think Tank, Spanish, and Mandarin during their Specials rotation. Classes are 40 minutes long and student have two of these classes a day. This makes for about nine weeks of each Special. 5th and 6th graders have the choice throughout the year to follow their interests and are able to pick their own "electives" which are offered and taught by the wonderful Specials teachers.


Art: Creativity - Critical Thinking - Communication - CollaborationThose words describe what we do every day in art - giving students the time to create, to critically think through problems, talk about their art and work together to create art! 


Music: Music education is important for all students to help build well rounded adults. Music education is not just about learning how to read notes and playing instruments, it is about fostering a love of all kinds of music, and acquiring an appreciation for the challenges that face all musicians in practice and performances. Colorado's description of 21st century skills is a synthesis of the essential abilities students must apply in our fast-changing world. Today’s music students need a repertoire of knowledge and skills that is more diverse, complex, and integrated than any previous generation. Music is inherently demonstrated in each of Colorado 21st century skills. Music enhances math, reading and organizational skills. We all play and perform for the love of music. - Mrs. McGonagle 

Visit Mrs. McGonagle's website for more information.


P.E.: According to Ms. Ivie, NRE's physical education teacher, "Children are naturally active. They love to move. My goal is to make that movement meaningful, enjoyable, challenging, and successful. I want to install a love of physical movement in the students so they will carry it throughout their lifetime."


Tech Lab: In the combined Technology/Library Media Department at Northridge Elementary, we believe our role is to produce responsible "Digital Citizens". We strive to ensure NRE students have the essential technology and information literacy background necessary to be successful in Middle School, High School and beyond. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the essential skills necessary to achieve this goal. Visit the technology@Northridge website for more information.


Health: Northridge houses a school community garden that is maintained by the students as part of their learning in the classroom and within their health class activities.


Think Tank: The Think Tank is a creative makerspace where students focus on the 4 C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. Students work together to solve a variety of problems and explore the world through research, trial and error, and ingenuity. We are excited to fill the year with projects that are challenging and perplexing. Students will investigate bridges, buildings, boats, magnets, simple machines, electricity, robots, computer programming and whatever else intrigues them. Visit the Think Tank website for photos and more information. 




Mandarin: As said by Yawen Lien, NRE's Mandarin teacher, "Chinese is a wonderful language to learn and can really help broaden your child’s horizons. In fact, knowing a second language can help your children throughout their entire lives – in school, college and as they’re starting their own careers." Learn more about what your student will be doing during Mandarin by visiting Lien Lao Shi's Mandarin website