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Students take marketing lead in 'Taste of Mountain Vista'

HIGHLANDS RANCH – Mountain Vista High School marketing students got a first-hand business experience by marketing, selling, promoting and implementing the Taste of Mountain Vista. This event is a food festival aimed at bringing in numerous food vendors to provide lunch for the students and staff.

The event is the brainchild of Chris Cooper, a 2005 graduate of MVHS, which started out with three vendors. Today it has grown to an operation with 11 vendors and several booths representing everything from art and tech clubs to athletics.

Marketing teacher Sherri Bryant says the event falls right in line with the four Cs: collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

“I think it totally aligns with what our district’s philosophy is because this is 100% student-driven and managed. Students get to see what they learn in the classroom in terms related to the functions of marketing, selling, promoting and implementing their ideas, and then they actually get to see it come to life in a real, true world context,” says Bryant.

“It ties in a lot with their critical thinking aspect of, 'do I need other help or can I solve this by myself,' and a lot of collaboration with kids thinking what the theme is and what vendors, and I kind of just tied it all together,” added Director of Events and MVHS Junior Olivia Nugent.

The event creates such a real-world experience that the organization has developed business relationships with some of the return vendors.

BTO Frozen Yogurt vendor Jack Doyle says, “They were good, they were conscientious and very convincing in why I should be here.”

Organizers say that the money they raise goes right back into funding the school’s marketing program and competitions. However, this year they are also contributing to the Wounded Warrior, USA project.

Advisor Bryant says that donating to a charity also gives the students a sense of accomplishment.

“We’re also supporting a charity today, Wounded Warrior USA, so I think that it’s great that kids are learning how to be entrepreneurial and how to give back to the community.”

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