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What's happening in Specials...

MVE art students are incorporating exploration and play into their classes. Ms. Ott, our art teacher, calls these days “art parties.” On these days, students as a class get to choose materials they will use and then they get the opportunity to rotate through each material. During the art parties, Ms. Ott chooses questions for students to ponder as they go through their table rotations. These questions help guide the discovery of what they are creating and to help make the process purposeful & meaningful. The intent is for the students not to create for the ques- tions, but rather for themselves.

In this particular art party, Ms.Ott asked: “Why should I explore?” “Why is design important?” “Who decides what is considered beautiful?” What is most important to me?” Why should I express my feelings?” and “What can I do to solve a problem?”

Classes earn these art parties though a point system; points that they earn during ‘regular’ art classes. And, Ms. Ott created these art parties as a way for students to ‘be kids’ and let them explore and find their inner artist!

Specials Staff

Kate Bufton
World Cultures/Russian Lang Teacher & Community Liaison
Dan McCarter
PE Teacher
Connie Mueller
Lindsey Ott
Art Teacher
Jen Tucker
Technology Teacher