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Positive Behavior Intervention Support

Be a MV3!

Be Safe!  Be Respectful!  Be Responsible!


What is PBIS? 

  • PBIS is a common approach to discipline with positively stated expectations for all students and staff.  

  • PBIS includes procedures for teaching these expectations to students.  

  • PBIS includes a continuum of procedures for both encouraging demonstration and maintenance of positive behaviors and discouraging rule-violating behavior.

  • PBIS monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the discipline system on a regular and frequent basis.

What are the principles behind PBIS? 
PBIS is based on the philosophy that children (and adults) respond most effectively to clear expectations and recognition of positive behavior.

How can I use PBIS at home?
Our teaching matrix lists the expectations for different areas at school.   There are empty boxes at the bottom if you would like to add areas at home (dinner table, playtime, etc.).   You can also check out our top ten positive behavior tips .

Where can I find out more about PBIS?
The website in the resource section is a great resources to learn more about PBIS: