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Mountain View Green Team

What is it?
Green Team is a group of students who are working on projects that will help make Mountain View an even better place to be. We help find ways to make MV more environmentally friendly by creating more efficient recycling programs. We also participate in building projects for new playground equipment. We are currently working on a brand new covered wagon for the playground as well as getting our school a Tower Garden, which will allow us to grow fresh fruits and vegetables! 

Who is Green Team?
This year, Green Team consists of Mrs. Eisenach's first grade class and Mrs. Wright's and Mrs. Gregersen's second grade classes. We also work closely with our kitchen staff, our Building Engineer, and other volunteers who help us with our projects. 

Recycling at Mountain View

The Green Team this year has been working on improving our recycling around the school. Mrs. Eisenach's 1st graders and Mrs. Gregersen's 2nd graders collaborated to help our recycling at Mountain View. Mountain View found out when our recycling is being taken to the dump, they are having to separate our paper and plastic recycling.We have added new recycling bins in our hallways, one is now recycling paper and the other plastic recycling. Students created posters and a video to teach other students how to recycle at Mountain View. 


Covered Wagon Project


Mrs. Gregersen's second graders work hard to help build a covered wagon for the playground!


Tower Garden

Tower Garden at Mountain View!

Mountain View’s Green Team is very excited to bring a Tower Garden to Mountain View! Tower Gardens are an aeroponic vertical garden that allows you to grow up to 20 plants in approximately 4-5 weeks. Students will be involved with the set-up, planting, upkeep, and harvesting of the fruits and vegetables we grow.

(Please see the video links for more information).

Tower Garden in Action

4 Week Time Lapse

Mrs. Gregersen's and Mrs. Eisenach's Classes

Westerra Grant presentation for the covered wagon

Kila and Olivia are recycling things from their first grade classroom.