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Ms. Ham's Kindie Class and "Gingerbread Man Loose in the School" 


Ms. Ham’s kindergarten class found clues around the school in order to retell the events in the story, “Gingerbread Man Loose in the School” by Laura Murray in the sequence that they occurred. The kids loved hearing clues that rhymed in order to lead us to our next destination. Our gingerbread man went to the gym (where he broke off his toe), the nurse (to get his toe fixed of course!), the art room (where he fell in Ms. Ott’s lunch sack!), the principal’s office (where Mrs. Grotts had our clue!), and then back to our classroom where we had some sweet gingerbread treats waiting for us. 

But as any cookie lover knows, the first bite is the most important! We discussed which body part we would bite first… would it be the head? The leg (like in our story)? The arm? Or none (for friends who aren’t a fan of the gingerbread guys!)? We took our first bites and then graphed our choices. 

These fun activities are all part of our Gingerbread week where we are reading and analyzing all of the different Gingerbread Man versions. We are comparing and contrasting the characters, setting, and main events in the books. The kids are drawing some amazing conclusions and really showing their application of RL.K.9 (comparing and contrasting adventures & experiences). 

They are some smart cookies! :) 

MVE’s Kindies are learning about all kinds of things! First off, they are learning about the first Thanksgiving; discussing the differences between kids then and kids now as well as how life back differs from life today. Additionally, in creative writing, kindies are using descriptive writing to tell about the different features of turkeys. In fact, one class’s writing project was “turkeys in disguise,” where the class used juicy, descriptive words to talk about their turkeys.

Finally, classes have been discussing shapes; attributes, sizes, colors, etc. One class even delved into the makerspace to see if they could FIND different shapes and describe them.

Stay tuned for the next “in Kindie News...”

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