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2nd Grade

Mountain View Elementary

Second Grade Curriculum




  • Guided Reading Groups - Students will receive small, differentiated group instruction according to literacy needs. During guided reading, strategies will be reinforced and taught that focus on the five components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension). This is done through fiction and nonfiction text.  Your child will engage in lessons and activities focused on spelling patterns, high frequency words, word meaning/vocabulary, word structure, and word-solving strategies.  Your child will revisit these concepts throughout the year and apply this learning as he/she develops as a reader on a daily basis. 
  • Spelling – Students will be placed in differentiated groups to assist in mastering spelling concepts, such as vowel patterns, digraphs, blends, and diphthongs.
  • Shared Reading – Second grade utilizes The Best Practices program that introduces students to the skills of drawing conclusions, making predictions, visualizing, making connections, questioning, and comparing/connecting fiction and nonfiction text.




  •   Mountain View has adopted the Every Child a Writer approach to teaching students the basic skills of the writing process.  In second grade, students focus on personal description, recount, and factual description.  Students participate in whole group instruction where the teacher models, demonstrates, and teaches the components of the writing process.  Small groups of students meet with the teacher in order to receive differentiated instruction on specific skills. Through the use of prompts, students are exposed to a variety of genres of writing, such as biographies, picture prompts, expository, narrative, letter writing, science, etc.




  • Everyday Math – Hands on activities that are taught through the Everyday Math curriculum are correlated with a variety of mathematical concepts:  place value, computation, time, money, measurement, geometry, patterns, and data collection.  Your child will have access to online Everyday Math Games at school and at home to reinforce concepts/skills taught in the classroom.
  • Exemplars – Exemplars is a differentiated problem-solving program.  These math performance tasks can be used to enhance students' problem-solving and math communication skills with real-world problems.  You can learn more about Exemplars by reviewing the website at: www.exemplars.com.
  • Stand Out Math – This is a supplemental program that reinforces basic computation facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).



  • FOSS Science - Your child will be involved in activities and discussions that include experiments to build his/her vocabulary and understanding of the following topics:
    • Earth Science - Air and Weather
    • Life Science – Habitats
    • Physical Science – Balance and Motion


SOCIAL STUDIES - Your child will be involved in activities and discussions to build his/her vocabulary and understanding of the following topics:

  • Civics/Economics – Second Grade classes participate in the Jr. Achievement Program to learn about communities, productivity, division of labor, government, taxes, needs/wants, and the flow of money.
  • History – Parker History
  • Geography – Maps and Globes
  • Various topics are also supported by Scholastic News throughout the year.


Additional Educational Opportunities:

  • RtI (Response to Intervention) – Mountain View believes that all students can be successful in school.  In order to meet the needs of all students, Douglas County School District has implemented a three-tiered approach, which enables teachers to provide high-quality instruction by matching interventions based on a student’s need, whether it is academic, social-emotional or behavioral. This process is called RtI, Response to Intervention. These interventions include students needing academic remediation or enrichment. Students may receive remediation or enrichment in their classroom or with our RtI Specialist.
  • IXL– This is a supplemental computer program that reinforces language arts and math concepts. The problems adjust to the student’s ability, which allows the students, parents and teacher to see how a child is performing and what concepts he/she is struggling with. This program is used in the classroom and can be accessed from home.
  • Specials – Your child will actively be participating in Specials throughout the week and will have the opportunity to attend art, technology, physical education, music, and library.