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1st Grade

In First Grade News...

First Grade and Countries Around the World!

In December, the First Grade Classes each studied a different country -- Coleman:  Germany, DePas:  Israel, Eisenach:  England,  Kuhn:  Japan, Small:  Mexico. Each class learned about different aspects of their country, such as culture, holidays, geography, and zoology.  Starting on December 8th, the classes shared what they had learned with each other in the Learning Commons, with each student getting a turn to present their own researched information.  Below are some pictures from each class.




In Mrs. Kuhn’s class

Students are learning HAIKUs

They are really fun!



Here are some of the HAIKUs written by MVE students:


“Flowers are pretty.

Flowers are colorful things.

I like pink flowers.”



“Butterflies are blue.

Butterflies fly to pink flowers.

Butterflies like me.”



“Volcanos are big

Volcanoes are dangerous.

Volcanos explode.”



“People have feelings.

Sometimes people can be sad.

Feelings mean so much.”



Here, in Mrs. Coleman’s class, students are learning about Germany; the culture, transportation and inventions!


In Mrs. Eisenach’s class they learned about geography and national landmarks, afternoon tea and sports.  Each student got to try shortbread and learn about Mrs. Eisneach’s dual citizenship.


And, in Ms. Small’s class they are learning cultural dances (Mexican Hat Dance!), tasting cuisine and coloring and talking about sugar skulls and the day of the dead!



Latka Tasting in Mrs. DePas’ Class:



Mrs. DePas’ class has some “BIG DREAMS” for our playground. There is a big muddy spot near the outdoor learning environment, and Mrs. DePas’ class is ready to tackle the problem.

**Here’s a little background - there is a bare spot on the playground, which, when it rains/snows, gets muddy. These 1st graders are trying to solve that problem!**

First Mrs. DePas’ class took a walk around the school with iPads looking for everything they considered earth materials. Then they went back to class and made a chart of their findings.

Then as a class, they discussed how scientists classify earth materials based on attributes. They sorted rocks via attributes and then created an anchor chart based on their findings.

The students then brought in more earth materials from home and from around school. Each student then wrote all about their findings based on the attributes they had previously discussed in class. 1st grade playground project

After all their research, Mrs. DePas shifted her class’s conversation to what dreams they have for the playground. This is a list of ideas the class came up with:

They narrowed down the list of dream ideas to things they could actually make happen by revisiting those known attributes of earth materials. On Wednesday, the experimented in class by filling tupperware 1⁄2 way with dirt room the “problem area.” Each table picked a different earth material to cover their dirt and then Mrs. DePas “rained” on each tupperware to see which earth material would keep the dirt the driest. These are the pages they used to guide the experi-ment.

Thursday they wrote our Principal, Mrs. Grotts, persuasive letters to convince her which Earth Material should be used to cover the muddy spot on the playground!

Not only did these 1st graders use the scientific process: identifying a problem (mud), asking questions (how do they stop the mud), and generate possible solutions (cover it with an appropriate Earth Material), they also used the 4C of communication (written - persuasive letters) and used a 21st century problem solving skill (the process of inquiry)

First Grade Staff

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