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Mountain View Elementary School


UPCOMING MVE Fall Carnival!

Mark your calendars for October 20th 5:30-7:30!

We will be offering food & drink as well as games & prizes.

This family fun events will be held at Mountain View!

Tickets for games and food will be sold at the door

CLICK ME for more information

CLICK ME to sign up for cake/prize donations


Discovery Education Enrollment Now Open!

The Discovery Application Process for the 2018 -2019 school year is now open.


The application process may be initiated by a teacher or other professional, parent, or student.

The application deadline for the 2018-2019 school year is November 17, 2017.

For applications submitted after that date, students identified for the program are placed on a space availability basis.


CLICK ME for more information





We are looking for 4-5 volunteers to fill each of the following shifts for our 

Annual Vision & Hearing Screening

The shifts are:

October 16th 9:30-12:00

October 16th 12:00-3:00

October 17th 9:30-12:00

If you are available CLICK ME to volunteer!  

Thanks for your help in advance :)



MVE Bumper Sticker

Do you LOVE your new car sticker??  Do your spouse or kids LOVE them too!?!  They are available for purchase and the low low price of $1.00 in MVE's front office!
Come quick - supplies are limited!

Has your child mentioned PDLs? One of the PDLs offered is a recipe making class.

In the class students learn about HOW to make a recipe, different units of measurement and they even get into a little science with how cooking has changing properties. One 2nd grader, Alek, enjoys his recipe class with Ms. Rose SO MUCH that he decided to make one of the recipes for his class for Valentine’s Day! This recipe is called KISSed Pretzel S’mores and here is a picture of his work! Ask your 2nd grader about their PDLs today!


In Social Studies, 1st graders are learning about US Landmarks, Monuments and Symbols. Specfically, 1st graders are learning about the following & symbols: Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell, the US Capitol the bald eagle (did you know that bald is from the old English piebald which means white headed?), and the American Flag!

Additionally, in honor of Presidents’ Day, students have been delving into the biographies of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

Energy is the name of the game in February for Ms. Grever’s Class. They have explored light, sound and heat energy. The students discussed each type of energy and then sorted them not only into their primary category, but then went further and delineated into man-made versus natural energy. Next time you’re in your kitchen - ask you students about the types of energy they see or hear - don’t forget the natural types! For the last week of February, Ms. Grever’s class will be learning about our solar system! They will also start to dig deeper and look at Earth from outer space, learn about the planets and of course astronauts! They read Otter In Space to figure out what an astronaut may need in outer space!

Ms. Rolinger’s Classes have been wor king on 3D shapes - in the pictures below they are exploring cubes - ask your child what sides, vertices, and edges are! In Science news, her classes have been learning about the weather. The have been discussing the attributes of weather, types of weather and what can affect or change the weather. In the pictures below they are learning about windsocks, and discussing how windsocks are used to learn more about the weather. This week their book is Beaver Hears and Echo. This is a story about a little beaver who wants a friend and starts crying and hears someone else crying. Not only does he learn what an echo (and so will your students), but he just happens to make some friends along the way :)

MVE art students are incorporating exploration and play into their classes. Ms.Ott, our art teacher, calls these days “art parties.” On these days, students as a class get to choose materials they will use and then they get the opportunity to rotate through each material. During the art parties, Ms. Ott chooses questions for students to ponder as they go through their table rotations. These questions help guide the discovery of what they are creating and to help make the process purposeful & meaningful. The intent is for the students not to create for the questions, but rather for themselves.

In this particular art party, Ms.Ott asked: “Why should I explore?” “Why is de-sign important?” “Who decides what is considered beautiful?” What is most im-portant to me?” Why should I express my feelings?” and “What can I do to solve a problem?”

Classes earn these art parties though a point system; points that they earn during ‘regular’ art classes. And, Ms. Ott created these art parties as a way for students to ‘be kids’ and let them explore and find their inner artist!