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7th and 8th Grade Wrestling


Philosophy of Middle School Athletics: All athletes will be given equitable playing time.


The conditioning week, which previously allowed for running, fitness stations and other forms of exercise, was redefined by the coaches to include technique drilling (proper instruction of specific wrestling moves). 


A.  Regular season matches will be scheduled within the district only.  Outside of district tournaments must be pre-approved by the building Principal.  Costs associated with outside tournaments must be borne by parents and athletes.

B.   Weight Classes:  70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 106, 114, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 165, 185, Heavy Weight (Maximum weight 275; per CHSAA Guidelines).

C.  Length of matches will be 2 minutes first period, and 1 minute for each second and third.

D.  Grooming, including length of hair and fingernails, needs to be enforced by all schools according to CHSAA guidelines.

E.  Scoring shall be according to C.H.S.A.A. rules for dual matches and tournaments.

F.  A standard singlet and headgear as specified in the Federation rules will be used.

G.  Coaches will weigh their wrestlers on Monday for the week.  In case of a Monday meet, the weigh-in will be on Friday.  Any wrestler missing weigh-in prior to the day of the meet will weigh-in at the meet site.  Athlete must wear a minimum of shorts for weigh-in.  All matches will pair wrestlers who are of similar weight. According to CHSAA Guidelines a wrestler can only move up one weight class after weighing in (i.e. if a wrestler wants to wrestle at 125, they must weigh 112.1 during the official weigh in to qualify for the 125 weight class; high school weight class).  For middle school wrestling, if a student wants to wrestle at 140, that wrestler must weigh at least 130.1 during the official weigh in.

H.  Wrestlers will be given a 2-pound allowance for variance in scales.

I.    Meets will begin at 4:00 PM.  If visiting team arrives after 3:55, the team will be allowed a 10 minute warm-up time prior to the start of the meet.

J.   “A” level matches will wrestle first.  “B” level matches will wrestle after all “A” matches.

K.  “B” level matches will consist of 3 periods-1 minute each.  If officials are not available for “B” level matches, coaches will officiate.

L.   Rosters will be presented at meet time.  Forfeits and injuries will be declared at meet time.

M.  Multiple wrestlers in the same weight class may be substituted for a weight class that is not represented by both schools.

N.   No jewelry.

O.  Schools will work to ensure sanitary mats.

DISTRICT WRESTLING TOURNAMENT-Specifics to be determined annually.

Seeding will be determined by league record at weight classification entered for the tournament.
During tournament seeding, if two or more wrestlers enter the tournament with the same record, i.e. 6-0 and 6-0, the higher seed will be selected through a random draw.
Roster sent to Tournament Director prior to the tournament date.
School Administrator must certify weight roster.  Any wrestler missing weigh-in will be required to weigh-in at the meet/tournament site.  Athlete must wear a minimum of shorts for weigh-in.
”B” level rosters will be handled same as “A” level.  Coach must designate 1 “B” level wrestler who will earn team points.

All school specific coaching concerns will be referred to each coach’s school Athletic Director.