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8th grade Volleyball Schedule  
7th grade Volleyball Schedule  

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Philosophy of Middle School Athletics:  All athletes will be given equitable playing time.


A.    The season will consist of 5 weeks of practice and games.

B.    (A) and (B) games are at one site.  (C) Games are at the other school site. At the discretion of the coaches, C teams may also travel with the A/B teams.  Coaches must coordinate with each other, transportation, and ASO.

C.    7th and 8th -Six District schools will play each other once, with two geographically distant schools eliminated from the schedule.  No outside of district games will be scheduled.

D.    7th and 8th grade – All teams:  matches are best of three games – rally scoring to 25.  Team must win by 2 points for games one and two. If a third game is required, rally scoring to 15 will be used.

E.     Server can serve anywhere behind the serve line.

F.     7th and 8th grade – Players are placed on an (A), (B), & (C) level team at the coaches’ discretion.

G.    7th graders play on 7th grade teams only; 8th grade play on 8th grade teams only.

H.    All Officials must abide by the National Federation Rule Book.

I.      The (A/B) coach of the home team will discuss NFHSA rules and specific site rules ( ie. Court logistics) with game Officials.

J.      The  (C )  coach  of the home team will initiate the discussion with the visiting coach on specific site rules. After rotating from a sideout, (C) teams will automatically substitute the middle, back row player.

K.     All C teams within each school are to have equal talent.

L.     (A) and (B) Teams will consist of no less that 10 players or more that 12 players. C teams rules of substituting from the back row and that all players rotate in and play all positions if possible.

M.    There will be an eight team tournament for A Teams only with a pigtail between 8th and 9th place finishers to determine final seed. Seeding will be determined first by overall record, then head to head competition.  If the teams don’t play each other, the next determination will be made by measuring wins against common opponents.  Finally, if a tie still exists, a coin flip done at the Activities, Athletics and Student Leadership office.

N.    Each team has 6 minutes on the court to warm up, 3 minutes serving time with both teams serving.

O.    The Sport Commissioner and the host school are responsible for the development of a schedule and tournament guidelines.

P.     Players must wear solid team color shorts or briefs.

Q.    Home and visiting teams will each provide one line judge

R.    Matches will be adjusted for schools with fewer that 10 athletes on the (C) team.

1 coach/2 teams VS. 4 teams               1 coach/2 teams VS. 6 teams

2 coaches/2 teams VS. 4 teams                        2 coaches/4 teams VS. 6 teams

2 coaches/6 teams VS. 6 teams

S.     Game balls:  White NFHSA certified leather ball.

T.    No jewelry or uniform alterations, no glitter, face/body paint or metal hair accessories, no earrings, including new earrings

U.    No singing or chanting from the bench shall occur while the ball is in play.  Cheers between plays should be brief, positive and appropriate.

V.     The libero defensive position can be played at 7th and 8th A/B levels of competition.

All school specific coaching concerns will be referred to each coach’s school Athletic Director.