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Mesa Football

Middle School Locations
MMS Mesa Middle School – 365 N. Mitchell Street, CR  RVMS Ranchview Middle School – 1731 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy., HR
CIMS Cimarron Middle School – 12130 Canterberry Parkway, Parker  RHMS Rocky Heights Middle School – 11033 Monarch Blvd., HR 
CMS Cresthill Middle School – 9195 Cresthill Lane, HR SMS Sierra Middle School – 6651 Pine Lane Ave., Parker
CRMS Cresthill Middle School – 9195 Cresthill Lane, HR SGMS Sagewood Middle School – 4725 Fox Sparrow Road, Park
MRMS Mountain Ridge Middle School – 10590 Mountain Vista Ridge, HR    




Philosophy of Middle School Athletics: All athletes will be given equitable playing time.

A. Three officials per game.

B. Organized practice may not start sooner than the first day of regular scheduled classes in the fall. Ten (10)

days for each participant will be required prior to the first game.

-First 3 days-helmet only

-Second 3 days-helmets and shoulder pads-hitting from the waist up and work on form tackling with

-Last 4 days-full pads and contact–one controlled, organized scrimmage is allowed

C. 8th graders play on 8th grade teams only.

D. Teams will be divided into A and B teams. If 40 or more athletes come out, the school will field two

teams. If a school has fewer than 40 players, the coach and AD can decide on number and level of the

E. Games shall be timed according to C.H.S.A.A. regulations (with 8 minute quarters).

F. Extra points will be scored as follows: two (2) points for a successful run or pass play, one (1) point for a

G. In case of a tie, play will begin at the ten (10) yard line. Each team will have four attempts to score

(California playoff format- four plays, scoring ends the attempt).

H. Game balls: NFHSA certified TDY size leather balls will be used.

I. Molded plastic cleats are required. No screw-ins are allowed.

K. No jewelry or uniform alterations allowed.

L. Mercy Rule: When the differential is 30 points in the second half, a running clock is used at all times

except for team or official time-outs after a score. If the differential becomes less than 30 points, regular

Teams can bring their own ball to use. Balls can be substituted for each play as this is a team decision.

If a school does not have enough players to constitute a full A and B squad, their team is designated as the A

team. The opposing school will play their A team and find an additional game for their B team with another

All school specific coaching concerns will be referred to each coach’s school Athletic Director.