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Flag Football


Flag Football Registration


Philosophy of Middle School Athletics: All athletes will be given equitable playing time.


A. All penalties will result in a five yard penalty from the line of scrimmage without a loss of down .

• Blocking must be done with the arms and hands against his/her own body. No extension of arms is allowed.

• No hurdling over opponents unless to avoid injury.

• No guarding your flag with free arm.

• No more than nine players per side.

• The ball must be "snapped" between the legs of the center.

B. Flagrant fouls including an intentional tackle will result in a penalty of fifteen yards from spot of the foul or half the

distance to the goal line.

C. No fumble - ball is dead when it hits the ground.

D. Games will start at 3:45pm. Each half will consist of a 25 minute running clock. One 60 second time out per half

per team.

E. Playing field is 60 yards. Offensive side must pass midfield for a first down (one first down per possession).


F. Scoring - Touchdown, 6 points--Extra point, 1 point (line up three yards from the end zone), 2 points (line up 6

yards from the end zone)

G. PUNTING-When punting, the offensive team must tell the defensive team. There is "NO" rush on the punt. All

players line up at the line of scrimmage with the exception of the kicker and one receiver. The punt will not be

“snapped”, instead it will be picked up from the line of scrimmage after the declaration of the intended punt, the punter

will then take five (5) steps backward then punt the ball. Players may not move until the ball is kicked. If the punter

misses the punt, the ball is dead at the spot and the defensive team takes possession.

H. UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT-Tee-shirts must be tucked in, no jeans, pants or shorts with belt loops or pockets are

allowed, no jewelry except post earrings, which must be taped with athletic tape before the contest begins, no

uniform alterations are allowed, and no metal cleats are allowed. Mouthpieces are required. If a player does not have

a mouthpiece, they will be substituted. Common “pop flags” will be worn by all teams.

I. A three second rush delay will be in effect for all passing plays. A volunteer will drop a flag to indicate that the rush

can begin.

J. A pass interception in the end zone can be downed for a touch back at the 10 yard line or the intercepting team can

choose to run the ball out.


K. KICK OFF-The kick off will be at the 25 yard line. No on side kicks allowed. In the event the Kick Off goes out

of bounds the receiving team may take possession of the ball at the receiving team’s 10 yard line or the spot the Kick

Off went out of bounds at the discretion of the receiving team.

L. Teams must be leveled to A, B, and C (equal talent C teams if there is more than one C team)

M. Teams can bring their own ball to use. Balls can be substituted for each play; this is a team decision

N. If the game ends in a tie, California rules apply. Each team gets four downs from the 10 yard line. This process is

repeated two times. If still tied, the teams must go for 2 if they score. Games may end in a tie after this point.

All school specific coaching concerns will be referred to each coach’s school Athletic Director.