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Castle View Student Earns a Reserved Seat in Med School

While many of her classmates are still deciding where to go to college and what to study, Castle View High School (CVHS) senior Kori Baker is well down the road to becoming a doctor. Kori was recently accepted in to the BA/BS-MD program at the University of Colorado. This means she has a reserved seat waiting for her at the top-ranked medical school.

“I was not expecting this at all, so I’m really excited,” said Baker. “This is really real and it happened really fast!”

The CU BA/BS-MD combined program won’t be easy - in fact, it will take Kori a minimum of eight years to complete.

“I really want to be a surgeon. I either want to be a neonatal surgeon or neurosurgeon,” said Baker.

Kori is hugely involved in sports at Castle View High School. In fact, she says without the guidance of CVHS Counselor Aaron Kellar, she would have continued down that path. But a conversation with Kellar one day changed all that.

“I was really wanting to do sports in college and I was talking to him about which schools would be a good fit,” said Baker. “Then he asked me if I am going to play sports forever, or is it just something I like to do?”

That conversation changed Kori’s life. She says without Kellar, she wouldn’t have even applied to the prestigious program. Kori still struggles to find a way to thank Kellar.

“I can’t even put it into words. I am blessed that this happened to me,” she said.

For Kellar, he knows Kori is capable of anything.

“Kori achieves excellence in everything that she does. She is a star academically, athletically and conducts herself with the highest moral standards,” said Kellar.

As part of the BA/BS-MD program, students must have an interest in serving the health care needs of Colorado residents. Only 10 students are selected each year for the program.

“It is wonderful that she will stay in Colorado and serve the community that she loves as a doctor,” said Kellar.

Kori already volunteers at the local hospital and looks forward to serving Colorado residents. But this big dreamer is looking further down the road and hoping to one day share her talents with others across the globe.

“I also really want to serve in Doctors Without Borders or a non-profit in another country, to give back to the community,” said Kori. “I’m part of the community, not just a person living in it. I want to make an impact.”