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Professional Development Aligns with a Vision

Moving our school forward on a pathway to an aligned vision meant that during the 2015-16 school year we literally moved around the Denver area to immerse ourselves in real-world scenarios with focused messages. We immersed ourselves in engaging learning environments and connected with experts and expert ideas. It is important to make visible our plans  and efforts for the year (see our website LTE Professional Developmentas well as thank the following corporations and individuals for their support with our learning opportunities. We couldn't have done it without you!


September 25

Levy Restaurants Pepsi Center provided us with a delicious buffet lunch complete with drinks, many options, and dessert. Thanks to Travis Tucker, Regional Director Levy Restaurants, for arranging the complimentary lunch and for working together with Kroenke Sports and Entertainment Pepsi Center to arrange free use of one of their conference rooms! #LevyRestaurants

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment Pepsi Center provided us with a beautiful room at the Pepsi Center as a place to host our lunch and speaker session. Thanks to Katie Kaszynski, Senior Manager Meetings and Events, who helped us arrange this free of cost. #KroenkeSports #PepsiCenter

Jamie McKenzie joined us as our expert speaker/author and led us through activities from his book, Learning to Question to Wonder to Learn, exemplifying how students use higher order thinking skills as they answer their own questions. #JamieMcKenzie

January 14

Castle View High School was the site where we focused on making to learn. Thanks to Dr. James Calhoun, principal, who invited us to to take part in their Community Information Night Series featuring author and speaker Gary Stager. His book, Invent to Learn, is on our list of recommended reading material. #InventtoLearn  

February 15

Western Union was the site where we focused on what it means to prepare our students for a future participating on a global stage. Thanks to two of our parents, Dan Diaz and Brad Jones, Global Corporate Communications, who co-hosted this event for us. They not only provided us with inspirational thoughts about how to collaborate, communicate, and function on a global stage, but they also provided us with a free catered breakfast. #WesternUnion




February 29, 2016 | By kftucker | Category: Lone Tree Elementary School

District News

DCSD Faculty Art Show goes through Nov. 1

It is easy to see the creativity of Douglas County School District students. It is often on display in the art that graces the walls and display cases of our schools. This month, however, is a chance to see the skill and the passion of the art teachers behind it all.


Last spring she was one of only eight teachers to be honored with the Freddie G award. The award came with a trip to New York for master classes taught by industry professionals. She also led a trip to Sacramento for the Junior Theater Festival with seven of her students. To top it off she was given a $5000 grant for the school’s theater program. She plans on using the money to build a technical theater learning lab with the help of her students.

Kim working with a student

The award wasn't a surprise to anyone at Rocky Heights Middle School except for Kim Chlumsky herself.