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Logging in and Learning at Lone Tree Elementary
Username: Student's last name, first initial and middle initial (e.g. Alex Lucas Jones' username would be jonesal). User name followed by @s.dcsdk12.org is the student email address and gmail user account that can be used for sharing documents with students even without access to email.
Password: Dcsd+their ID#


Search Engines for Kids

  Educational Videos, Articles, Images, and Clipart for Students

Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies and English movies, comic strips, and activity pages. This resource only works during school hours. Ask your teacher for the user name and password.

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Citing Sources




Life Science


Geography, History, Current Events



Personal Finance Literacy

  • Biz Kids - Check out this site to play games, make a budget and learn about how to spend money wisely.
  • Kids Bank - a fun place for kids to learn about banking and money. 
  • Money Flashcards -  Practice figuring total amounts of money shown in bills and coins.
  • Making Sense of Money - Comprehensive, student-generated site covering money history and trivia, banks, vocabulary, and a scavenger hunt/quiz.
  • Birth of a Coin - Check out the United States Mint cite to find out about the history of money, play games, and learn about money in other countries.