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Collective Creatives

Lone Tree Elementary is a beautiful building and has always been a school with enriched environments. Free of the clutter of typical classrooms, our environments are both comfortable and engaging and set the stage for student-centric hands-on learning. Now we want to combine that with a vision where inspiration and creativity will be apparent throughout our building in the form of Collective Creatives.

Think of our school as a museum waiting to come alive with permanent art installations that are the collaborative efforts of our young artists and members from our greater community. We want our students to experience the creative journey of how original ideas can be sculpted, drawn, painted, felted, carved, folded, or woven into a larger piece that is unique and lasting. We want to fashion an environment that inspires others to envision what is possible when ideas are shared and then realized through the lens of young artists.

When people come through our doors we want them to think they have arrived at a place like none other…a place where the first thing that comes to mind is…WOW!

Collective Creative Projects

What in nature is going on? - Nature is a great inspiration to see beauty in the world so we set the stage for this collective creative with aspen logs, willow branches, hornets’ nests and weathered wooden frames. Students are designing and sculpting creatures and plants out of felt and clay to create a lasting impression of the small stories we see in nature. Link here to see some of the small stories already created.

 Town Center will be transformed with a focus on combining art and science and will take shape in different stages. 

  • The Center of our Universe - An orrery will take center stage on the floor of our atrium. An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system that demonstrates the motion of the planets. Check out the idea: orrery  Students will dress the base structure of the model with personalized artistic interpretations of wishes and hopes for our world.
  • Wish Upon a Star - All students will be sending their wishes up into the "sky" of our raised atrium. Their wishes will take flight in the form of origami cranes made of handpainted paper created and folded by each student.
  • Stellar! - Surrounding walls will be a backdrop for students to showcase quality artwork, created individually or collectively, that has a connection to our solar system, our galaxy, our universe.  

Butterflies from Around the World - This project began with a 3rd grade Being-There Experience to the Butterfly Pavilion. To learn more about these incredibly beautiful insects, each student researched a different butterfly from around the world. They then created incredible to-scale interpretations of these amazing insects all of which will be assembled as a permanent art installation.  

Welcome to Lone Tree Elementary - We will spell out the word “WELCOME” as a way to greet everyone as they arrive at our school. Individual letters will be designed and painted by students on square tiles and then stacked vertically. Placed adjacent to the inner doors of our entryway, anyone entering our building will immediately sense our hospitality and invitation to experience our environment.

Shining Light on Global Flight - The inspiration for this project is to create a habitat for paper birds serving as representations of birds from around the world. The birds will perch alongside small hanging glass prisms or vials of colored water that will separate rays of sun into a spectrum of colors. This vivid display will be showcased in our entryway and set the stage for our school as we promote innovation and creativity with global connections. Students will research and create versions of birds to occupy this habitat. A corresponding website will be dedicated to housing information, creative writings, and global data points and connections for each bird.  

Lane of Garden Spheres - Short grass will be the backdrop for a lane of bowling balls repurposed into garden spheres designed and decorated by our students. Watch for this transformation of the entrance to our building to take place over the next year. No matter the season there will be a display of vibrant colors, shapes, patterns, and interesting textures serving as an inviting red carpet for our guests.

Carts of Color - Let’s give those carts a make-over! Instead of dingy and dirty brown carts placed around our hallways, each grade level will work to come up with a plan to spruce up a cart. Whether painted, decoupage, or mosaic is the medium, look for these functional everyday contraptions to be morphed into intriguing works of art by students.

Art in the Community Garden Series

Project 1 – Art and Science in the Garden

Our shadows can tell time! - A human sundial, or in scientific terms, an analemmatic sundial, will soon be a focal point in our garden. We are working with Duncan McKenzie, a Telluride artist who combines art and science, to create a plan for our students to be involved in designing and creating separate tile sections that will be pieced together as a complete work of art. This project, combining art and science, will not only grace our garden with color year-round, but will pique curiosity for our students and others visiting our gardens.

Project 2 – Art as Inspiration in the Garden

Magical Miniature Fairy Garden - Enchantment and whimsy will be added to our garden with a miniature fairy garden collaboratively created by a few of our creative community gardeners. How fascinated students will be as they gaze upon a toadstool painted and varnished in a Mary Engelbreit style, mini houses and stumps surrounded by small living plants. Whether they sketch or are inspired to create stories or poems around these small scenes, look for students to be gathered around in amazement. This thought-provoking, story-starting scene will be taking shape over the course of the summer.





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