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Art-Music-PE Elective Choices in Intermediate

What's new in specials for 3rd - 6th? - At Lone Tree Elementary providing opportunities across all content areas for engaged-learning with more student voice and choice is a philosophy we are embracing. Based on this, our Intermediate (3-6) Specials teachers were inspired to rethink how they structure learning opportunities for our students. They have designed an exciting rotation of classes in order to provide in-depth exploration of real world applications in various fields related to Art, Music, and PE. 

How will this work? - Each students in 3-6 will complete an interest form where they designate their personal top five choices within each content area. Based on those choices, from now until the end of the year, they will be scheduled into three of their Art choices, three of their Music choices, and three of their PE choices, rounding out a balanced curriculum for all. 


What are the steps in this new process?

  • Parents and students preview the exciting list of possible 3-week sessions listed below. Please note the order as listed is not necessarily the order in which the sessions will be offered.
  • Students will link to Art-Music-PE Electives Choices for 3rd-6th to designate their top choices in Art, Music, and PE by 8am, Wednesday, October 7.
  • Teachers will consider responses and assign desired sessions based on student interest. Students who have not completed the form by the deadline will be automatically assigned to sessions.
  • Students will be notified of their first 3-week session before Fall Break. 
  • The first 3-week session begins the first Monday after Fall Break.  




Are you a Karate Kid?

Learn sequences of martial arts moves in a fun atmosphere while working on fitness and life skills. Life skills such as confidence, perseverance, self-control and respect.

Loomin’ and Groovin’

Learn to weave on a loom and work to create a collaborative piece to be displayed permanently at LTE.

Plucking and Pulling Strings

Learn guitar basics.  Chords, strumming techniques and 3-chord songs.

Apps and Movement Analysis

Explore and use digital apps to improve fitness, learn about healthy habits and have fun.

“Sketchy” Art

Meet a real children’s book illustrator and learn how-to-draw basics.

Musical Nuts and Bolts

Learn how to notate music on a five line staff and the relation to instruments such as the piano and xylophone.

Aerobic Games

In the Aerobic Games class, traditional games are adapted to give everyone many opportunities to practice basic motor skills, movement concepts, principles and strategies in a high-activity format. You will enjoy these games because they are fast-paced and challenging. In addition, the games also provide the benefits of aerobic capacity, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Fire it Up

Learn the process of making ceramics (clay) and create pieces for the winter holidays.

Sing, Move, Play

Play xylophones, recorders, and various unpitched percussion instruments to create classic winter music.

So you think you can dance?

Come get creative and try putting together your moves in the first Lone Tree Dance Class. We will learn about Creative Dance, Wii Dancing, Square Dancing, Line Dancing, Choreography, Cardio Dance and Cultural Dance. Super fun and healthy.

Make a Scene

We will learn set design. My artists will work with Mrs. Danitz and her performers to create a backdrop for one of their scenes.

Off Broadway!

Practice and perform scenes from plays and musicals.  This would be a great elective to take if you are planning on auditioning for the musical!

Let’s Get Physical!

Health, Nutrition and Fitness

Let’s get physical by exploring Cross-Fit workouts, TABATA routines, Step Aerobics and Boot Camp for Kids. We will also learn about nutrition and the role it plays in your lives.

Let’s Explore!

Diversity Through Visual Arts

We will explore cultures and their visual arts, including but not limited to: Mardi Gras; Huichol Indians; Japanese arts.

Pentatonix 2.0

Sing like the groups from Pitch Perfect and only use your voice! We will be working with “Talons”, the top acapella group from HRHS to create singing telegrams.

Strike a Pose!

Come discover how you can increase your physical strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. It will also help you focus better in school and have less stress as well as build your confidence. Join me and strengthen your mind body connection and become a mini yogi.

Build It!

Learn and explore some different sculptural arts and create one large installation for LTE.

Stomp it Out!

Do you love banging on kitchen utensils and using household items like a drum?  Even making rhythmic patterns out of basketballs?   Then this is the elective for you to create rhythmic patterns out of not-so-musical instruments.

Get In the Game!

Hoops and Net Sport Games

Learn about traditional basketball and volleyball by working on fundamental skills and playing modified games. You will learn enough to be able to enjoy game play with your friends.  

Watercolor My World

Learn how to watercolor and make your own beautiful pieces of art.

Electric Jam Session

Create electronic music compositions by utilizing the GarageBand program.

Tennis Anyone?

We will learn about many racquet sports traditional and nontraditional. Tennis, Badminton, Speedmiton, Pickle Ball and more.

Fire it Up Again!

Learn the process of ceramics (clay) and create pieces for the spring.


Using drumming techniques from cultures from Africa, India, South America, as well as other countries, we will be able to explore different cultures outside of America.  

Are you Adventurous?

Come have fun and learn about how you can individually challenge yourself through adventure activities. We will lead you through cooperative games that will help you build relationships, enhance communication skills and provide opportunities to work together to solve challenges. We will also discover other adventures by learning to rock climb, hike and other outdoor activities.

Photography/Graphic Design

Meet a professional photographer and graphic designer. Learn picture-taking skills and advertising layout.

School of Rock

Create a rock band in class utilizing songs from the radio and instruments such as drums, guitars, and keyboards.





October 5, 2015 | By kftucker | Category: Lone Tree Elementary School

District News

On February 9 the PACE Center hosted Portfolio Day for students like Sladovnik. It was an opportunity for critiques from working professional artists, and workshops. It culminates in the "Bright Futures" art exhibit - a showcase of selected work on display February 16-27.

Last month, the Board of Education passed a resolution tasking the Superintendent to convene a task force inclusive of members of the general public and staff members. This task force will develop a survey for parents of students eligible for special education services and a survey for staff members who serve students eligible for special education services.

Board members sitting at the dais

CASTLE ROCK - On February 6, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board of Education confirmed its commitment to begin the process of seeking approval from voters for additional local funding.

“Our children need a bond and mill levy override (MLO) to be passed in 2018, beyond any doubt,” said DCSD Board of Education President David Ray. “We want to move forward immediately with the necessary processes and collaboration with our community in order to finalize a formal funding package.”